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Compaq Laptop to trade for hackable I-opener

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  • Compaq Laptop to trade for hackable I-opener


    I have a compaq LTE 5100 sitting at home that I haven't used yet, and was wondering if someone would like this unit to play with in trade for one of those hackable I-openers.

    I believe it is a P-120, with 2 (800 MB) hard drives, 16MB ram (I'll include another 16 MB), 10" TFT screen, built in sound, floppy drive (no CD ,batt, or AC adapter; but ac adapter is standard- can be found at radio shack).

    It also has the advanced docking station which has support for standard ISA cards, PCMCIA cards, and bay devices.

    The unit came off a lease from a big company here in the south, and ran linux just fine (i think that was all that was loaded on it)

    I have no use for this machine so I would like to get something to play with in exchange for it.. So I hope someone out there has an extra I-opener

    Let me know

    ([email protected])