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12 V 250 Watt ATX supply

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  • 12 V 250 Watt ATX supply

    After spending weeks searching every site I could looking for 12V computer power supply's I determined these things a little hard to come across.

    I ordered one of these things from a dealer, and other than geting shafted on the price (185.00 after shiping) I'm really hapy with it.

    I thought some other people would be interested in geting a DC - DC supply, and the dealer said he would go for a group rate. Im hoping for an order of about 10 for a price around 160.00 - let me know if you are interested.

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    I'm going through the same hunt right now. Looking through the archives I came across someone who found a very nice unit he says he got for about $110. I'm going to contact them tomorrow and get a price.
    The site is

    Look under Products, then PC, then SDX-100-12

    It's a 100W unit and looks like it has all the bells and whistles. VERY nice.

    Also found this:

    The 150W unit is listed as being $85.50

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      The input for that second one is -48V. Yes, it's DC, but my car doesn't run on -48V


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        Arby, you're bad. It was late, what can I say.
        In the meantime, I'm considering making my own based on this site's design:

        Anyone try this one?


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          Why dont you guys try the sproggy PSU. I think it's ATX form also.

          Anyone using sproggy ATX?
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            My mp3player cost my 2300.00 If I hook it to a sproggy supply, and it breaks, sproggy aint gona care.

            If the key power supply blows, keypower will cover it for 1 or 2 years, and whatever I have pluged into it.
            Techonlogy on Wheels