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Flex-arm mount , good for LCD or keyboard

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  • Flex-arm mount , good for LCD or keyboard

    Looking for a great way to have a professional looking LCD mounted, but easialy mobile?

    I have a flexibel arm -Bogen part number 2896. Bogen is a professional tripod Mfgr.

    I use this to mount my LCD with. I ordered 2 , and tought I would use them both, well I only needed one.

    The arm is made of a flexible metal material, similar to a goose neck microphone holder, but a bit stronger. It holds my 6.5" LCD quite well.

    The arm has a standard camera thread on one end, ( the thing you use to attach them to tripods) and this seems to be the standard for LCD's ( I have 2 and they both fit this mount) Im not sure of the exact size, but it is a standard screw, and can be found at your local hardware store.

    The other end of the arm has a female thread. This thread is larger then the first, but is some sort of standard camera / tripod type thread, I was able to find nuts and bolts that fit the thread at my local hardware store - thats what I used to mount it to my car.

    If your interested I can find the measure of the thread. I will even throw in some nuts and bolts that fit each end.

    Its about 2 feet long, never used in original package.

    I'm asking 35 to cover what I paid.
    <a href=""> Link to pictures </a>

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    Geez, I thought this thing was the holy grail when I fould it, I cant believe no one out there wants to mount there LCD on a big flexible arm.

    I took some pictures of it in use, in my rig and will post them.... Then I guess its off to e-bay.
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      I will buy the flexi arm!


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        I sold the one I had -

        I don't stock the part or anything, but I bought it from a local shop, at a good price, so If anyone else wants one, let me know.

        I put up new pics of it in my setup
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          I have a very simple install. I bought one of those magnetic cellphone deals... found out the keypad didn't have too much metal in it.. (i figured as much, but thought i'd give it a shot) so i got some velcro, and velcroed the keypad the the holder.. the holder is suction cuped to the cup holder.. the self ahesive tape stuff is lame. wouldn't stick to anything. and i didn't want to put anymore holes in the car.

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