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  • cool looking computer

    hi all
    was browsing and found this
    price is ok
    pity i cant afford it
    someone might be interested

    Ex-Demo PC with a UNIQUE CONFIGURATION of Hardware integrated into a 15" TFT Screen. Retail Price is $3900.00 3 Month Warranty. For full details go to Monitor 15" TFT-LCD Display CPU Intel Celeron Processor 500MHz(Socket 370) Chip Set SiS 630 System Memory 64MB HDD One 10.2 GB HDD FDD One 3.5" FDD DVD-ROM One 8x DVD-ROM Fax/Modem 56.6 Kbps PC Slots Two Type II PC Cards Slots L2 Cache Memory 128 KB on die Audio Ports Mic-in Line-in Earphone-out I/O ports Four USB ports(2 front, 2 rear) Two P/S 2 ports One Serial port One Parallel port One Game port One Phone jack O/S Microsoft Windows 98 Dimension 388(L)x91(W)x324(H)mm Weight 6.5Kg
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    Neat looking, but $4k is a bit expensive. Looks too much like a iMac for me!


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      He is sayign it retails for 4k its only 750US at moment, but bit bulky not good for car, this might be better and alot cheeper (mentioned before)

      Gateway Connected Tochpad, onboard video, sound, ethernet, modem, built in speakers 10.4 touch screen (dual scan) 2 USB ports, wirless keyboard, built in mouse controller. Oh yeah has 400mhz chip but not as fast as celeron.

      You would have to put a laptop hdd in to macke use of it (like i-opener)

      only 200US compared to the one shown above direct from gateway brand new

      read up on it if you are interested t=&Order=&Session=

      not sure when quote runs out.
      i would buy one but i cant afford it.