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FS: Modded X-box, ready for anything...

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  • FS: Modded X-box, ready for anything...

    hey guys. i need cash for the carpc. so i'm selling what i don't need...

    Modded Xbox with one controller, regular cables, high definition AV-pack with optical audio out (i had a hard time finding this), 200GB HDD, Ececutor 2.3b Pro modchip with flasher acces, AS A PLUS i'll include the cable that you need to flash it from your pc. The Xbox is painted Blue on silver and it looks cool. There is nothing on the HDD except the stock Xbox system, but i had stuff on there, so it works, and i'm sure you can get whatever you want with it...

    So i'll include:

    regular cables
    HD AV-pack

    asking $300 shipped + paypal fees[total: $315] (even hecker of a deal)...

    first to pay me to paypal get's it: [email protected]

    I'll have pics in a couple...

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    Can you also say what this could be used for? I gather XBox Media Center would be one possibility?

    "ready for anything" what do you refer to?

    Could this run WinXP for a carputer? if so why dont you use it?

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    Any ideas for putting a PC in this? :)


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      i have other plans. you can copy your xbox games onto it to preserve the quality of the disks and the games load much faster, you can run linux on it, and Win CE last time i checked. there's too much to list what you could do with a modded xbox, but a google will give you answers...


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        just fo reference of price...


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          noone wants a nice alternative? Wait till you see the pics...


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            have any of you tried running CE or *nix on either an XB or PS2? It seems to me that these would do pretty well as a carputer


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              it should work w/o any problems... check



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                the current state of development for the xbox does not make it the perfect solution for a carputer setup. the linux distros availible will not work with gps software. howeevr in application of a home theater system this xbox would do pretty well. keep in mind that any homebrew software is illegal because almost all progs were compiled with a hacked XDK meaning software like xbox media center is illegal. im sure the seller could sell put it in there unadvertised...upon request...

                the xbox does not have a native vga interface you would have to buy a special cable that works only on select newer screens at HDTV resolutions not the native resolutions of say the lliput or xenarc.

                all in all the xbox is not a viable solution for carputer, but as a movie player and gamin system it rocks...just thought u guys should know and do read up on the site kicks *** as i would know because i mod xboxes and find the site as an invaluble resource


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                  I can vouche for how much a modded xbox kicks ***. Copy games right the the HD, Run emulators of nes, snes, n64, any older console w/ every game ever made, stream movies and music from PC, play online using free tunneling software, much much more. All menus are customizeable, everything is free, and new software is constantly available.
                  Progress:99% not 100% because theres always something to do...
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                    Price lowererd! $330 ($345)

                    LMK!!! This is a great price for this...

                    Help a fellow out will ya'? Thanx


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                      I saw this unit in person... bump for a good guy
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                        Originally posted by anky1
                        I saw this unit in person... bump for a good guy
                        Thanx. appreciate it. You need it?


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                          *cough*BUMP*cough* - ***** i mean Update for pics


                          Buy it already will ya'?


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                            Linux runs great on the xbox. I run a web server for my domain name with email and an asterisk server on an xbox. I have been using it for the past year with no problems.

                            bump for a great server machine.


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                              Cmon... NEW PRICE: $300