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F/T 1.3ghz Tualeron + FlexATX mobo (need screen)

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  • F/T 1.3ghz Tualeron + FlexATX mobo (need screen)

    (1) Motherboard
    Its 9"x 7.5" with onboard sound, video, serial, parallel, ps/2's, two sdram slots, usb, also, it has no pci slots.. and is very thin because of this... it was originally gonna be the heart and soul of my micro machine.. cept but I accidently bought two.. Brand new, only opened for testing.

    (2) Processor
    The processor is a famous Tualatin based celeron 1300, with the 256kb cache.. I don't think I need to remind peeps how quick these proccessors are, or how cool and efficient they run.

    (3) LIN-LIN
    Adapter that allows the 1.3ghz processor to run on the motherboard.

    (4) RAM
    64mb stick SDRAM (you'll probably want a stick of 256.. but this gets it running, at least. )

    All in all, a terrific start for a good powerful carputer.. there isn't an epia system on the market that can shake a stick at this setup performancewise.. and as far as power consumption goes, you can't get any lower without going epia.

    Now, I'm willing to sell this.. but I'd really really rather trade for a screen as mine just exploded last night.. (ALWAYS DOUBLE CHECK POLARITY) I'm not looking for a xenarc or anything.. (I'm not crazy) I just want something that'll replace the hole in my dash that has a decent quality picture for video, and gps()... vga would be nice.. but again, I'm not crazy.

    So.. anyone got a spare composite/s-vid TFT 7" screen?

    (5) Digital Camera
    5.5mp Megxon s300 digital camera.. its a pretty good camera all around, takes good stills, is a little dark when recording movies indoors.. but even so has pretty decent quality.. the camera is even better when it has one of these Since bob has put a xen on the table, the digicam goes on it, too! I found the case for it.. too bad I can't use that to plug it into the computer..

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    Also, I've got pics of the stuff.. but no usb cable for the camera.. I'm going to see if I can borrow a buddies to download em.. I'll update with pics if possible.


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      Hey Fusion, I have a Xenarc touchscreen VGA monitor that I may be willing to trade. It's the older model with the serial touchscreen (rather than USB). PM me if you are interested in making a deal.

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