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The "I got laid off from Verizon" sale!!!!!

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  • The "I got laid off from Verizon" sale!!!!!

    Well, because Verizon's IT dept doesn't know how to manage money I got laid off yesterday and I need money in a bad way so please look around and buy my stuff if you still have a job.

    Here is the stuff. Prices include shipping unless noted.

    ALL PRICES ARE NEGOTIABLE!!!! but go easy on me...

    Serial Rand McNally GPS. SOLD!!!
    This GPS works with CoPilot.

    Clarion EQS560 pre amp/EQ. Used but still works perfectly. SOLD!!!
    Pic and specs

    Antec Overture case Ver. 1. Slightly used but never abused. Would like to have a local pick up but I would be willing to ship. Comes with the included 380W PSU. $55 plus shipping

    Lilliput Shell $15 Shipped

    In-dash composite non-TS, non-motorized. This is missing the power cable (PS/2 looking) but I'm sure Armen will have them.: SOLD!!!
    This is what it is but WITH a composite screen.

    Audigy2 PCI card w/ driver CD: SOLD!!!

    Two, new in box never used, 10Mbit Canary Fiber converter boxes. These convert ethernet to fiber and vise versa. $25 Shipped for both

    Printme network printing device. New in box never used. $35 Shipped
    Read about it here

    X10 Lola remote with USB RF reciever and Lola software. SOLD!!!
    Read about it here


    NEC Multisync 3PG 27" monitor. SOLD!!!
    Max res is 800 x 600. You can see from the back picture it has multiple inputs and outputs including 2 VGA in, 1 VGA pass through, one RGB VGA (I will supply the cable for this), 2 s-video, as well as multiple audio ins and outs. THIS IS NOT A TV and does NOT have a TV tuner BUT you can connect a VCR or cable box and use that as the tuner to watch TV on it. The pictures look like crap and are very faded compared to what the image display really looks like.

    I will be willing to meet halfway depending on miles. I am located in Tampa, FL. Just off exit 54 and I-75.
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    dibs on sent


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      dibs on the gps. about to send a pm!

      wish i was in fla... i'd pick up that monitor for my htpc in a heartbeat. my current 27" tv is flaking out on me. if i knew how to realign the individual RGB guns inside, i wouldn't need it, but as it is, things are out of focus except for the very center of the screen.

      heh... meet you halfway... in mobile or pensacola or something? ok not really... i want the monitor but i'm not driving all that way for it. not unless i'm going on another vacation... it'd be cheaper to ship it when you factor in gas and hotel...
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        PMs replied to.
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          Bad luck mate - been there... and its not nice.... if your into IT try - I work for them and they are always looking for resource all over the world...

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            Do you have the GPS software?


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     do you know the non motorized screen works if you are missing the power cable?

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                can you get a pic of the in-dash screen fro me. i may be interesed. i have a xenarc i would like to put in the dash!


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                  Just to let everyone know, I had a transaction with Defiler and he was first class. Definitely trustworthy! Here's a bump for ya!
                  Go Gators!
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                    CCSNET - Thanks for the resource. I will def. check it out.

                    Devin98 - I can't include Copilot as it's a legal registered copy but I might forget to take the copy of something else out.

                    nitropwd - I used to have the cables but I seem to have missplaced them. If you were to get the screen and it didn't work I would refund the money after you sent it back.

                    Tim97rs - pics posted.

                    94 Cobra R - Thanks for the good words. I will get your cables out ASAP. You can understand why I haven't yet I'm sure. Sorry for the delay.
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                      Do you still have the gps or any pics and what model number is it.
                      KIAs can have car pcs too..


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                        Originally posted by nigwhyrito
                        Do you still have the gps or any pics and what model number is it.
                        GPS is still up for sale. I had to put a new PS/2 adaptor on, to supply the power, but it works perfectly. Pic posted.
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                          I'll take the in-dash monitor. do you take paypal?


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                            Lola Remote is sold
                            Money has been sent via Paypal.


                            X10 Lola remote with USB RF reciever and Lola software. $15 Shipped
                            Dell P2 400 Laptop (reworked)
                            GPS Mouse -w- Iguidence
                            802.11 Realtek PCMCIA Network card
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