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4x40 inversed, prewired for sale

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  • 4x40 inversed, prewired for sale

    I will be ordering all of the screens from EIO this monday. If anyone has any last requests, let me know before I order them.

    Prewired, inversed, $40 + shipping

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    yeah ok put me down for 1, but im still lookign for el backlights, so you can hold on for it for a bit i emailed you about this.

    these pots you put on is this what controls the contrast ? i mean can you change it or its pre set, i dont understand this


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      Arby, I would love to purchase a prewired and inversed LCD from you. I appreciate the effort you are putting forth here with this project and all the input you have given on this bulletin board.

      Thanks in advance,

      P.S. I am sending you an email offline with contact info.


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        Paulzy: It will have two potentiometers attached. One controls brightness, one controls contrast. I will be using pots that look like this (and the parallel connector too):


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          k cool, i just didnt know what potentiometers were hehe


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            Alright... I just ordered 8 lcd's from EIO.

            I've been paid for four of them (you know who you are )

            The four extra I'm going to wire up, and give you mp3car guys first dibs. Anything else will go on eBay


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              I'll take one Arby if you are willing to ship to Canada..I can pay by paypal.
              Inversed looks cool on your website!
              Technology, Gadgets and Making Money Online


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                arby email perspnal details and ill send you a money order, also caus if im in austalia if you can work out the shipping it be cheeper for me if i included the shipping in the money order instead of you shipping it COD


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                  Just to let everybody know, I'm still here, alive and well. It's been horrible here in houston with all the rain and flooding. (anyone seen that picture of the semi-trucks floating down I-10?)

                  We got by without any damage to our house or cars, so my family's happy

                  I e-mailed EIO a few days ago and have yet to get a response. If they don't ship by the end of the week, I'm going to buy the screens somewhere else, and get paypal's fraud investigation on their *** or something to get my money back

                  Also, I bought the supplies a few days ago, and have everything ready for the screens...


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                    One thing we all know now dont buy **** form EIO.... Man thats all I need now to finish my install .... After waiting 4 months to get everytyign thats all i need.... Man Arby I looked at the link it is flooding really bad i had no clue it was that bad.....


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                      Arby is you have another left I'd like to get in on it, thanks in advance. I can PayPal you the money asap. Also do these have backlights and any estimated ETA? The woman just asked me to put a system together for her and this is just easier :P later



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                        Topp... all 8 are currently sold, but read on.

                        Alright... here's the story.

                        It's been 3 weeks, and I have yet to hear from EIO. I am going to order the screens elsewhere, and have them shipped 2-3 days. To the best of my abilities, I am going to try to have these all shipped within a week!

                        If I am able to cancel, well, then the first 8 will be canceled. If eio ever does ship, I'll have 8 more, and sell those to you guys or eBay them.

                        Now... the big question...

                        Where else BESIDES EIO can I get these screens for $20 or less?


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                          TIMELINE INC.
                          23605 Telo Ave
                          Torrance, CA 90505
                          USA [800] 872-8878 CA.[800] 223-9977
                          Fax [310] 784-7590 Tech Info. [310] 784-5488


                          The 40x4 ones are only $15 each there, since I got the information can I get one in the first batch, I'll send you the money today



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                            are the timeline ones as good?

                            will u still be able to inverse and add contrast controls ?


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                              Anyone know the specs/model number on the timeline one?

                              Doesn't the timeline's selling require -5V for the contrast instead of ground? That would mean you'd need 3 cables for power instead of just two