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LCD's -going crazy, 6.4 TFT ntsc (2) 8.4 VGA

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  • LCD's -going crazy, 6.4 TFT ntsc (2) 8.4 VGA

    Used for testing, still has that little plastic film over the screne.

    6.4 TFT - NTSC 300.00, or best offer
    Works great, but I wana 6.4 VGA, and those cost *INSANE* amounts of money, so im selling

    I also have (2) 8.4 TFT's Sharp LD9d something... one has a VGA controler fited on it, tested and working. the other is bare.

    8.4 w/ controler (VGA IN) - 400.00 (ObO)
    8.4 w/o controler 200.00 (ObO)
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    The same 8.4" LCD's that go for $50 on ebay?
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      Im comparing that to flat-panel's kits with the same stuff.... they are asking 475.00 for 8.4 w/ vga.

      475 - 260 = 215 so thats what the lcd is worth

      Add 8(2) for shiping 16.00

      and im not sure how to figure time into this... but I spent about 3 weeks searching the net for any and all information I could find on lcd's and controlers. say 1 hour per day, no weekends.... thats 15 Hrs

      1 hour spent driling / cuting case & mounting pcb to display.

      total of 16 hours spent....

      Add up cost of everything , value of parts 326.00 take that out of 400 that means I would make about 4.63/Hr for the time I spent on it.

      Oh, waite I forgot the time I spent on ebay doing biding... oh and how the controler came configured wrong, and how when I found out the circuit board was so poorly laqid out , that one of the + Buses goes RIGHT next to the grounding pad around a screw post, so when I mounted the whole thing it shorted out.....

      Do you think its worth 4.63? I don't know any EE's making 4.63 /hr. hummm maybe I should have gone to bartending school, at least they make tips.

      Hey, I said "Or best offer"
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        I'm still not following.
        I can buy a 8.4" LCD without controller off Ebay for $39.99 sometimes $49.99. Why is yours $200?
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          most of that is in regards to the one w/ controller.

          as for the solo LCD, I came up with the figure based on flat-panels price.

          Flat panel charges 475 for the complete kit.
          a controller costs 260.

          475 - 260 = 215 so that’s what the LCD is worth.

          E-bay ethic-
          Many inconsistencies exist in the LCD's on e-bay. Or more clearly stated - The rd time has been put into this. I constantly hear about LCD’s ( and other) items, off e-bay, you get a great deal, think it will work, *assume* you can find the parts, documentation and other necessary materials to complete the project.

          That’s the e-bay bet. An item is on e-bay for substantially less money than its worth because the seller doesn’t a. know its worth b. care c. have the time\resources to check the product, or parts that could be required to make it worthwhile to someone else.

          The seller has put the item there for that reason, almost as if betting against you.... you are betting you have those resources, that the item is not already damaged / DOA Etc. That’s why its a deal, your taking the risk.

          Buying on e-bay is a risk
          buying stock is a risk, the riskier the stock, the bigger the pay off.
          Mutual Funds are the same, lower risk, lower pay off.

          You buy the e-bay deal, and take a big risk, your "big payoff" is the break in price.

          You buy my LCD, your not taking the risk, you expect it to work. the tradeoff higher , but IMHO, fair price.

          Cold fact- the products on ebay retail much higher. I have seen an LCD go for 50 that could have been bought for 3 or 4 times that amount.
          Because a product sells for x amount on e-bay doesn’t mean its worth that amount.

          I had a friend who bought a kick *** car for a dollar. the car was worth about 17 thousand dollars, the kid got the deal cuz the lady that sold it had the car as part of a divorce settlement, it was hubbys prize possession, part of the deal, she had to split the profit of the sale.
          No bearing on my point, but funny. the car is worth more than a dollar, and when the kid sells it, I bet he won’t sell for a dollar.

          I know what the product is worth, and as for the one with the controller, I think its a fair price for my investment in time, taking the risk, building it up and offering the final product.
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