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Need a NIC? About a buck total...

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  • Need a NIC? About a buck total...

    Everybody can always use a new NIC.

    Belkin 10/100 NIC

    -0.14 15% off
    0.06 Tax (Tax depends on your state)
    0.86 Total

    Go to Dell Small Business and click on the 15% off and free shipping.

    Dell Part# 281936

    15% and free shipping ends in two days. NICs are really 95 cents + shipping otherwise.

    Time to upgrade the home network for only $2.59

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    that is one helluva find, I ordered 10


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      damn! They're out of stock now


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        wow those are so small. and so sold out. doh!

        Tolerant: want to sell one??? if so, quote me a price.
        2004 F-150
        Shuttle XPC, 80gig HD, Wireless Internet, DVD
        "How piMP3d is your ride??"


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          I'd sell you one, but the shipping on just one alone would prolly be more than you'd want to pay. Wait for them to come back in stock or something.

          But I also notice that you appear to be in southern illinois right now and rockford when you're home, so I'll assume you go to college somewhere in southern IL. Where? I'm at Univ of Illinois in Urbana, which is kind of in the south, so you could maybe stop by and get one or two or whatever.

          I'd sell for $2-3 a piece or something, I dunno, matters what you're doing in southern illinois.



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            wow, thats many new people on this board are from Illinois. I think us Illinoisians need to have a gathering soon. Yeah, i go to SIU Carbondale. I think going home i go past UIUC. If so that would work great. Also, do those NIC's bios boot when the windows loads?? i know a few i have used in the past had the NIC bios boot (or maybe it was dos drivers...something like that) every time the pc starts, which was like 5-10 extra seconds i didnt need. The 3com i have in there right now doesnt. If you want to talk to me personally, check out my profile...i have AIM and ICQ. We can chat on there.

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            2004 F-150
            Shuttle XPC, 80gig HD, Wireless Internet, DVD
            "How piMP3d is your ride??"


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              Quite a delay to get these stupid things.... maybe I shouldn't have ordered 10 ...

              From: Dell_Software_&[email protected]
              Subject: Notification of Order Delay for Dell Accessories - Order Number 7
              Date: Wed, 19 Dec 2001 13:59:40 -0600

              We have reviewed your order # 717679682, and although we had anticipated
              being able to ship your order sooner, we are experiencing an unexpected
              delay. We will not be able to ship your order until 2/28/02. We apologize
              for this inconvenience, and are doing everything we can to get your order
              out to you as quickly as possible.

              As always, you may cancel your order at any time prior to shipment by
              calling 1-800-289-3355 ext. 66966 and we will promptly process a refund for
              your order. Again, we apologize for any inconvenience, and will ship out
              your order as soon as possible.

              Thank you,

              Dell software And peripherals