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Everything for a laptop based carputer

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  • Everything for a laptop based carputer

    I decided that this carputer thing was just going too far considering all I would really do with it would be to listen to MP3's Thus, I am selling the following components.

    1. Gateway 450SX4 Laptop. Excellent condition, no dead pixels. P4M 1.7ghz, integrated wireless (B), DVD/CDRW Drive swappable with a Floppy Drive. 20 gig hard drive. Windows XP pro installed, no disk included. Includes extra power control board pre-soldered with telephone wire to solve your remote power on issue that normally accompanies a laptop install. $500 shipped, firm.

    2. Basically brand new Seagate 100 gig 5400 rpm 2.5" hard drive. Only installed in above laptop for a day until I came to my senses and decided to get out before I dug any deeper. Paid 170 from newegg, sell for $130, shipped. Will be wiped prior to shipping.

    3. Lilliput 8" VGA touchscreen moniter from MP3CAR store. Again, basically brand new. Never installed, only used for testing software for my laptop. Has auto on with power on enabled. I can switch it back for your prior to shipping if you wish. Paid 325, less than 3 weeks ago, sell for $250 Will include 6 foot extension cable for Moniter.

    4. Logitech USB gamepad. I was going to use this to control Winamp when my touchscreen was not exposed. I found a couple of plugins that made it work great. $12 Shipped

    5. Pioneer DVR-K05 Slim, slot load dual layer dvd burner 8x burns +R, -R, +RW, -RW, +R Dual layer and CD/R/RW Once again, nearly new, but used for long enough that I wouldn't feel right returning it. Paid 170 last week. (made mistake of buying this from DigWW when it was cheaper at MP3car) Sells in MP3CAR store for $145, sell for $110 shipped.

    6. USB2.0/Firewire kit for above DVD Drive Also bought less than 3 weeks ago from MP3CAR store. Sells in MP3CAR for $49, sell for $30 shipped.

    PM email address with photo requests.
    All payments by paypal.