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Complete CAR AUDIO system! Cheap!

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  • Complete CAR AUDIO system! Cheap!

    <center><font size=+3 color=red>I have a 96 honda accord and i am selling all my equipment, I really don't listen to loud music and i need money for my new carputer

    This is what i have, e-mail me for more pictures and prices.

    <P align=center><FONT face="Van Dijk" size=6><A href="">Click to see a pic of my stuff</A></FONT></P>

    <P align=center><FONT face="Van Dijk" size=6><A href=""><IMG alt=Click to make bigger border=0 height=476 src="" width=800></A>

    <font size=+4 color=blue>[email protected]</font>

    <UL type=circle>[*]Pioneer DEQ-7200 DSP audio processor - EQ
    [*]Pioneer KEH-P7400 Cassette Head Unit
    [*]Orion 12" XTR SUBwoofers

    [*]Q-Logic Bandbass box - holds 2 - 12" woofers

    [*]Sealed Custom Built Box - holds 2 - 12" woofers

    [*]JBL GTQ-400 AMP 200W X 2 or 100W x 4 (RMS)

    [*]Stinger 1 F Capacitor

    [*]Pioneer CDX-P1230s 12 disk changer

    [*]Polk Audio DB's 5 1/4" coaxil speakers

    [*]<font size=+4 color=blue>I PREFER SELLING ALL TOGETHER </font>
    [*]16" ASA Split 5 star Aluminum wheels (4 hub! fits Hondas, Accuras, ect...) with 205x50 tires, only 10K miles on them!
    All 4 with tires = $900[/list]</font></P></center>
    My carputer