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MP3 Computer For Sale - Hurry!

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  • MP3 Computer For Sale - Hurry!

    This will be moving to eBay before the end of the day...

    This is a fully built Pentium II computer built in a black Novia case. The case is flawless - no scratches. Specs are as follows:

    - Pentium II - 350mhz processor
    - 64MB RAM
    - ATX Motherboard
    - 2.1 GB harddrive
    - Video Card w/TV-Out
    - 2 USB Ports
    - Aureal Vortex 3D Sound Card with Digital Out(!)

    The SPDIF digital out sound can connect to high-end stereo's with digital cable...

    - 56k modem built in
    - Windows ME installed
    - 3.5" floppy drive
    - CD-ROM
    - Available PCI card slots

    You can use this as a regular computer, just hook up a keyboard, mouse and monitor and you are ready to go. It also makes a great MP3 player that can be hooked up to your stereo/tv. The case actually looks like high end stereo equipment. Everything is in great condition and is fully functional. I will include all driver software as well.

    I am asking $150 plus $25 for shipping...I also think this would make a great MP3 carputer...

    Fist come - first served!
    "As God as my witness...I thought turkey's could fly"

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    "if everything is under control, you're not going fast enough!"


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      Here's the only pic I have:

      You may have to save to your machine to get it to work...let me know if you can't...

      "As God as my witness...I thought turkey's could fly"