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FS/FT EPIA-E533 ( Japan's version of the EPIA-5000 ) Mini-Itx fanless motherboard

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  • FS/FT EPIA-E533 ( Japan's version of the EPIA-5000 ) Mini-Itx fanless motherboard

    EPIA-E533 (Japan's model but same as EPIA-5000 ) $ TRADED (My WTTF is at the bottom of this thread.)
    this thing is tiny, and quiet. It comes with the original box, cd, manual, I/O plate and one IDE cable. Great for a tiny HTPC / Car MP3 player.

    Here are the specs:

    Form Factor - Mini-ITX
    - 170mm x 170mm
    - Micro ATX Chassis Compliant

    - VIA Eden 533Mhz EBGA Processor
    - 100/133MHz Front Side Bus
    - low power consumption
    - Fanless
    Chipset - VIA Apollo PLE133
    - VT8601A North Bridge
    - Featuring integrated AGP 4X graphics
    - VIA VT8231 South Bridge

    - High quality scaling and filtering
    - S-Video or Composite video output
    - Supports NTSC/PAL TV formats
    Main Memory - Two 168-pin DIMM memory sockets
    - PC100/133 SDRAM support
    LAN - VIA 10/100 Ethernet LAN onboard
    Graphics - Integrated AGP4X with 2D/3D Graphics Acceleration
    - Motion Compensation for DVD playback
    Audio - VIA VT1612A AC'97 onboard
    - 3 Audio Jacks - Line-Out, Line-In and Microphone-In
    - Sound Blaster, Sound Blaster Pro Compatible
    - Digital I/O compatible with consumer mode S/PDIF
    Expansion Slots - 1 PCI slot
    Onboard IDE - ATA/100/66
    I/O Ports

    - 3 Audio Jacks - Line-out, Mic-in and Line-in
    - Four USB ports (two USB ports located at rear side and two via internal mini USB header)
    - 1 EPP/ECP parallel port
    - 1 16C550 compatible serial port
    - 2 External PS/2 Compatible Keyboard /Mouse ports
    - 2 TV output ports (S-Video or optional RCA TV out)
    - 1 RJ-45 LAN port
    - 1 PCI slot (Note: support for two PCI devices)
    Power Supply -ATX Power Supply Compliant


    Looking for a decent laptop HDD with 5400rpm at least
    Low end 939 CPU

    My heatware: swiftwind

    Thank you for your time as always!

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    check out my forsale you liek something from there and want to trade


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      Unfortunately no, however, If you come up with the money or a laptop 5400rpm hdd or even new items for trade, be sure to contact me asap.

      Thank you for your offer though!


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        I could probably get you a drive, how big do you need? Will need to confirm speed though. Interested?

        I this board faster than the M10000?


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          I'm looking for something between 40-80gb, must be 5400rpm, cache size can vary. Also, depending on what size drive you can get, we will work on something out. I don't believe it is faster than the M1000. Please be sure to PM me if you get a hard drive for sure.

          Thank you.


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            I have a 40Gb Toshiba drive sitting on my desk right now, a couple actually, but there is no speed specified on the label. PN is HDD2171 or MK4019GAX

            Just deliberating as I just got an M10000 and don't really need another board, but I don't really need the drive either so a swap is always interesting.


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              Says here is is 5400rpm, 16mb cache


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