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mini carputer plus more GPS software installed for sales.

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  • mini carputer plus more GPS software installed for sales.

    hi,'s been great to have this carputer but i selling the car so here go some goody parts for sale.

    It has everything that a normal home computer would have. Even S-video, VGA, and composite video out for Using TV as a monitor. Perfect for carputer. The computer its has been Upgraded to 20.5 GB Hard drive, and Also upgraded to 192 MB of RAM installed, plus almost 500MHZ processor. 52 X max CD-room, and flopy disc. I'm not expert but here is the information i got from where i bought. It boots and ran superfast. It has been also upgraded to Window XP OS, and Plus Iguidance GPS software installed, perfect for gaming or DVD or watever you like. Look at the pic yourself. I did took the front cover out for upgrading purpose, and i will inclued the front cover so that you can put it back your self. Manual book for this pc is also inclued. Too much infor, PM me if you have question. Here is your chance to get a carputer for cheap without buying extra stuff since this one has it all. $190 + shipping. Or make me offer and might considered. I also have a DC to AC inverter with XO model that has 600wat Max power. Plus $45 for this one. After you buy this, just need a TV screen or monitor and good to go for everthing.


    BKMVP4 - VIA MVP4 Chipset System Board, supports Socket 7 / Super 7 CPUs @ 100/66MHz FSB (Dimensions: 11 3/4" x 10 3/4" x 3 1/4") **[AMD K6-2 450 MHz Processor Installed]**
    **Western Digital Caviar 205BA 20.5 GB Hard Drive Installed
    192 MB RAM Installed
    Built-in Graphics System - onboard 64-bit 3D UMA AGP Graphics Accelerator, full 2D H/W and Motion Video Acceleration (BKi810), up to 1600 x 1200 resolution, MPEG2 decoder, TV encoder for TV & Video
    Sound & Game System - PC98 audio, HRTF 3D, 24-bit digital audio interface
    **Built-in LAN Adapter - onboard 10/100Base-T LAN controller
    Fax/Modem Module - 56k v.90 HSP fax/modem module included

    **40X / 52X Max CD-ROM Drive
    Printer & USB Ports
    **TV Output - TV encoder for NTSC & PAL support (AV/S-Video)
    1.44 Floppy Disk Drive
    100W UL/CE approved MicroATX Power Supply