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  • FS:amps,speakers,lcd

    Hey,was suppose to be doing an install for a friend but they changed their minds.I'll have to get some pictures of some of the gear yet,email if you need some.

    cxl4150,gunmetal grey,few light scratches,modified so that no wires come from the sides.4 channel amp,specs should be the same as the current xxk 4150 at $300

    cxl2050,gunmetal grey,scratched up from a previous owner installing under seat.2 channel amp,70x2 or 230x1 at 4ohms is where it was rated.$100

    cxl2050,blue/green,this one was also installed under a seat by previous owner,it wore into the almuminum a tad.This amp was updated by arc and checked out last year.No longer avalible

    cl61's,not the a's,3/4" tweets and 456 crossovers,i replaced them with ef61cf's.Sound awesome,hard to beat for the price.$100

    eclipse 5303r,mint,works awesome,includes remote and cage and everything.Replaced it with a little newer eclipse deck.$115 sold

    arc kar 6022's 6.5 coaxial brand new in the box. $60

    ps2 with dvd remote,two controllers,memory cards,s-video and standard video cables,and games atv off road fury 2&3,everything or nothing,agent under fire,night fire,gt3,ace combat 04,crash and burn and mx unleashed.$180

    I also have a 12.1" touchscreen lcd for a project that i cant complete right now.Its a phillips lcd,very bright,and a elo touch overlay,solid glass so very little light loss and good viewing quality.Drivers avalible for most windows os and linux and such too i think.For mac the drivers cost extra.$275

    All prices are shipped in the lower 48

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    Dibs on the headunit, I'll be pm'in you shortly


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      Headunits gone,rest is still here.


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        hehe alot of model numbers. dont know what half the stuff listed up there is!
        i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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          lowered prices,added a couple things


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            4150 is sold