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FS: SideKick II (2)

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  • FS: SideKick II (2)

    if u wanna use it for ANY phone carrior
    go here:,00.html

    im selling my sidekick, i changed my mind and got a treo650.

    i have the box, the charger, all of the paperwork.
    the ONLY thing im missing is the case for it. trust me, it wasnt pretty anyway, it kinda looked like a gun holster.


    im asking 200 shipped. ive seen the phone sell for over 250 on ebay..

    NOTICE: Phone will ship when i receive my 650.

    If you want this, call dibs, we will make the del without payment untill the 650 gets in my house.

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    link does not work...if its gsm unlocked I'll call dibs
    1992 z71 Chevy


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      Originally posted by Cartunes
      link does not work...if its gsm unlocked I'll call dibs
      *Interested if its CDMA/Verizon compatible*
      James Radcliffe
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        That's the link.,00.html

        I might have a friend that's interested.



        P.S. The phone is GSM, not CDMA, There aren't any CDMA phones (By Verizon) that are this cool :P
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          hey just to let the guys know that havnt used a sk2 before (and im not dissin ur thread) that even if the sk2 is unlocked u cant use all the other features like browser built in aim yahoo and email because that runs off the danger network which only runs on tmobile and u need the sidekick unlimited data plan so yeah if u get it for like cingular u can ony use it for a phone and text msg


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            Great phone! Really good price, could resell on ebay for an instant profit! Wish i had the extra money, but oh well the iBook was a good investment too!

            PS: Macs are great! haha-totally random!


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              well let me know if ur interested.


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                I withdraw my dibs
                1992 z71 Chevy


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                  put it on ebay. i had a 7 day auction for mine and they used buy it now in 2 days ...sold for 250 plus 20 shipping. try it.
                  i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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                    ya im gonna if i dont get any buyers for it.


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                      Not For Sale!