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FT: PSP, games and more for carputer or parts

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  • FT: PSP, games and more for carputer or parts

    I have a brand new PSP that I got last week. Im not a big game player anymore and really have done anything with it since I got it. It has the sought after 1.5 firmware on it. Anything newer than that wont play homebrew games or programs. They are also getting hard to find with this firmware on it. It comes with PSP, Battery, Charger, USB Data cable, sampler UMD, 32meg memory card and a New 1gig memory card. Also heres a list of the games and programs I have for it. I also have a few movies formatted for the psp. PM me for any details you want.

    Ape Escape
    Coded Arms
    Darkstalkers Chronicles
    Dead to Rights
    Hot shots Golf
    Need For Speed Rivals
    NBA 2K5
    Puzzle Bobble
    Ridge Racers
    Smart Bomb
    Untold Legends
    Wayne Gretzky NHL
    Wipeout Pure

    Web Browser
    PSP personalize
    PSP file manager
    PSP media player
    Fast Loader v0.6b

    Id like to trade it for a carputer or some decent parts to start building my own. Let me know what you have to offer and we can deal from there. I know this is my first post, but Im not new here. Ive been lurking for a while. Djtrickee knows me personally and he pointed me to this site. Id also be willing to ship my stuff first if you have good feedback or someone that can vouch for you.

    Heres some pics of what I have.

    Thanks for the space!

    EDIT: forgot to mention is has 3 dead pixels that I dont even notice. You can only see them when the screen is completely black. I returned the PSP 3 times for the pixels and each one had dead pixels. I finally settled for the one I got since they were pretty much off the side of the screen and it had 1.5 firmware on it. The others I had were 1.51s.
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    I can vouch for pitchblack98 as well, hes a fine upstanding member of

    You have the games, or just the images on the memcard?
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      so do you have the actual umd disks or are the games on the memory card?

      I also have a carputer I mite be willing to trade for this Ill pm you with details


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        PM send, i am very interested


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          remember i sent pm first lol

          jk kf4


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            trade you a laptop for it.


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              I have the games backed up to a dvd and transfer them to the memory card when I want to play them. I had a bunch of games before I found out I could play them off the memory card. So I sold them to get a bigger memory card. I kept the sampler umd because you need one to be in the drive for some games to play.

              kickercivic1 what are the specs on the laptop? I have a dell 8200 I was thinking about using and just gettin a 7" lilliput touchscreen, but no matter what I do to it it wont stand by or hibernate without freezing up when it comes back.

              I got the other PMs and I will get back to you guys shortly.

              Whats up Malenko? I didnt know you were over here.
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                dell c840 P4 1.6, cd/dvd,512mb.. I am waiting for a guy to buy it. He kinda sounds like he doesn't want it. I will let you know in 2days if he doesn't pay i will trade.. If you trade it by then. Then oh well.


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                  Thats cool just let me know. Ive gotten a few good offers in PM. Im just waiting on some details. So well go from here and see what happens.
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                    Ive gotten a few offers Im considering. If anyone else is interested let me know. I need a 7" touch screen is anyone has one they want to trade. Let me know soon. This will be gone shortly.
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                      ones last go round... Theres a couple of deals in the works, but nothing concrete yet.
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