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FS: Lot's of Software and Games (PC)

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  • FS: Lot's of Software and Games (PC)

    Only selling store bought software/games, no burned

    If you want to bundle software and games, i'll give you a special bundle price.

    Microsoft Word 2002 Unopened $10/obo
    2X Windows 95 W/ USB Support (Ver. B or C) CDs (1 Unopened), not upgrade $10/obo each
    Nickelodeon Director's Lab $2/obo
    Adaptec Easy CD Creator Deluxe V.3.5 $5/obo
    Norton Antivirus 2002 CD $10/obo
    Norton Antivirus/Ghost (Dos, Win 3.1, Win NT, Win 95) CD $2
    2X Cyberlink PowerDVD CD (1 = V2.55, 2= V4 {Unopened}) $5/obo each
    Creating Webpages for Dummies CD 2nd Ed. $2
    Nero Express (Not sure what version - from 2003) $5/obo
    Roxio Easy CD/DVD Creator 6 $5/obo

    Need For Speed: Underground (PC) 2 CDs W/ Box + manual$10/obo
    Papyrus Indycar Racing (Dos 5.0+ CD) $1
    EA Games Clive Barkers: Undying CD (Rated M) $5/obo
    No One Lives Forever: The Operative (2 CD) $4
    Racing Fever: Rally Championship $2
    Eidos Presents: Thief: The Dark Project $2
    Shiny Interactive: Sacrifice $2
    Need For Speed Collection, 4 games (High Stakes, Porsche Unleashed, NFS IISE, Hot Pursuit II) W/ Box$10/obo
    EA Games: The Movie Collection, 2 games, 4 cds (Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds, 007: Nightfire) $8/obo
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