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Sony PSP 1.5 (US) w/ 2 games: Untold Legends and Wipeout Pure

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  • Sony PSP 1.5 (US) w/ 2 games: Untold Legends and Wipeout Pure

    Hello, I'm looking to sell my PSP because I need the money.
    It's version 1.5 and hasn't been upgraded. It comes with 2 games (Untold Legends and Wipeout Pure) as well as the Spiderman UMD and the sampler UMD. Everything is in it's original packaging and all manuals and accessories are included. I'm looking to get at least $250 + shipping. I originally paid $356 for everything minus the extra UMD cases and flip screen protector which I am also including. If you are interested, PM me, or email me at michaeizl(at)gmail(dot)com. Thanks! Here's some photos:

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    By the way, A-Z, I can't private message you back because you're inbox is full. Here's your answer though:
    It's possible to play backups off the memory card, yes. You can also run homebrew programs like the popular Snes9x emulator, which you can get from as well as a lot of other homebrew applications.


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      Are theyre any scratches on the unit at all? Any smudges, smears, anything? Im kinda anal when it comes to these things so thats why im asking. lol Ill send you a pm a little later. I would really like to take this off your hands


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        I left you a PM yesterday, let me know whats up.

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          PM me if you are interested as I'm still trying to sell my psp. Thanks


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            Bump. This item is still for sale.