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Another offer for those wanting XM Cables.

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  • Another offer for those wanting XM Cables.

    I read that thread that Prindle19 wrote up, first of all HUGE thanks to him for posting that. I successfully made my own and wanted to make one for for a second setup, when I went to purchase what I needed I decided to go ahead and buy enough to make 10 more.

    I will be selling them for $20/ea. + s/h. to those who don't feel comfortable making their own. It will be a 9 serial connector, NOT straight to the motherboard, so you willl need an open Serial Port.

    If someone wants one let me know, I will make one up it and send it out. It will come with a pigtail power connecter both male and female ends so that you can wire one end up and disconnect the other, just as his article described.

    I'm not looking to go into this for a business it's just something I felt compelled to do to help some people out, since Prindle19 helped me by posting the information. I only bought enough to make 10 of these and when they're gone, they're gone I won't be buying more. If you want to make your own, read his thread because it tells you EXACTLY how to do it.

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    Oh yeah, here is the thread if anyone missed it and doesn't know which one I'm reffering to.