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FS: 40pin ribbon cable, opposite side contacts

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  • FS: 40pin ribbon cable, opposite side contacts

    I've got a 40 pin cable with contacts on opposite sides. Comes out of the "Super" lcd from ebay. $10 and it's yours.

    4 wire touch screen from Super lcd. Works flawlessly. Small blemish along the top edge, where some "coating" got peeled off. Had a guy put antireflective film on it, and he put the wrong one on (semi permanent), and when he tried to peel it off, a thin layer came off. It's about a half centimeter in diameter. I"ll take pictures if requested. There is antireflective film on the inside surface still. Asking $30 shipped.

    Non working LCD. Not sure what's wrong with it. Stopped working after I wiggled the ribbon cable around to much. Shorted something out. According to some other posts I read, it may just be the small controller board on the back of the LCD, which can be replaced. CCFL works fine. Does not include the controller board. $30.

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      please upload some pics of the TS...i'm interested in taking it.

      Motherboard: Epox MATX
      Power: M2-ATX
      Storage: 120gb 3.5"
      Optical: Slim Slot cdrw/dvd
      Audio: SB Audigy 2
      GPS: BU-353 & iGuidance 4
      OS: Win FLP (Fundamentals)
      Frontend: Roadrunner (DFX 3 & 4)


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        I'm interested in the ribbon cable.

        I suppose it is a FFC (Flat Flexible Cable) like these: and

        Does it have a pitch of 0,5mm? How long is it? How much would mailing to Belgium be?