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FS: full carPC package(in a bmw e46)

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  • FS: full carPC package(in a bmw e46)

    The time has come to let my carPC go. Although I've enjoyed it, I want to attempt to put a double din radio in. When I do this, I won't have any space for my HVAC unit, so the computer screen has to go... hence the whole carPC is going.

    I'm not parting this out, but I have listed my original price for all my parts.

    Here's what's included in the package:

    ($400)Xenarc 700TSV
    This screen interfaces with the computer. It use the screen like a mouse, so a keyboard/mouse is not needed. It also has two RCA inputs (I used one for my rear view camera and one for my Xbox)

    ($600)The custom screen holder is wrapped in vinyl

    P3 1.4 Ghz CPU
    512 MB Ram
    40GB hard drive
    DVD rom
    all the inputs/outputs you'll want/need

    I use copilot live laptop for my GPS software. It integrates perfectly with the touch screen, bringing up an on screen keyboard for all of your entries. Again, a keyboard and mouse are not needed to use this.

    ($75)I purchased a keyboard/mouse when I initially installed the carputer. After a few weeks, I noticed I never used it, so I took it out. I'll include it in the package (it's all wireless)

    ($50)Also included is all the wiring needed to hook up the carputer to either a/c or dc current. I'm also including the wiring kit used to turn the carPC on/off. It's pulse activated, so you can hook it up to a switch and/or an alarm output. I had it so I could turn the PC on from my alarm remote.

    I dropped close to $3k into this project. I'm asking $1500 for the package (shipped anywhere in the US). If you're local, I'll install for free.

    Well, here's some pics:

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    hmm not bad


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      Originally posted by xdjxklusivex
      hmm not bad


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          Whatcha putting in, instead?
          My install log
          My "selling entire system" thread


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            Originally posted by Hark
            Whatcha putting in, instead?
            eclipse avn5495


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