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FS: Mac Mini CarPC Package/Parts LOADED!

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  • FS: Mac Mini CarPC Package/Parts LOADED!

    FS: My complete Mac Mini CarPC package! I'll sell as a package or in parts, whichever you prefer (priced individually; discount explained below obviously if you buy the whole deal):

    - Carnetix CNX-P1900 140W Power supply - installed and configured (all wiring done for you!) for Mac Mini! Obviously this will be sold with the Mac Mini only since the power brick has already been modified. When buying both, since this is practically new, $70 for the P1900.

    - Mac Mini - Barely used - Airport Extreme, Bluetooth, 80gig HD, 512MB RAM, 1.25GHz, Tiger - since I paid $569 new and it is barely used, I will sell for $450. It has been modified and installed with the car power supply for you - ready to go!

    - Xenarc 700IDT w/updated touchscreen drivers for Tiger - brand new - not yet installed; wiring has been run (so it will be taken out and not shrink-wrap new) but the monitor and the rest of it is a brand new unit that I haven't even installed yet. This is $440 new on Mp3Car Store so I will sell mine for $400.

    - QuickerTek 27dBm Transceiver for Mac Mini - This was originally $180; I will sell mine (brand new since I havent even installed it yet) for $150. This boosts wireless strength by up to a 1/2 mile - but its not like those crappy "boosters" you buy at CompUSA, this actively receives and rebroadcasts your signal at 500mW, highest allowed by law! Check it out here but its a must if you plan on getting decent wireless in your car out in the driveway!

    - Cirque EasyCat USB Touchpad for Mac & PC - $44.95 new, I will sell mine for $25.

    - ADDONICS USB BUS POWERED EXTERNAL DVD-ROM/CD-RW DRIVE - This one is really cool - you can put it in your glove box and it runs off of 2 USB cables power only - no external power source required - and you can watch DVDs or burn CDs. I paid $159 for this new; I will sell for $75. for details.

    - Gyration Mobile Keyboard w/RF Receiver - This is an amazingly compact wireless keyboard that has a great range and a powerful receiver. Its $149 retail, mine will sell for $100. Check it out here


    I will offer significant price breaks if you buy multiple items, and if you buy the whole package I'll cut you the best deal I can. Email me if interested and we will work something out! Thanks!


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    hey did you ever sell this stuff? email me if u still got it i'm interested in the mac, screen and carnetix.

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