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WTB: Xenarc 7" TS/TSV touchscreen monitor

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  • WTB: Xenarc 7" TS/TSV touchscreen monitor

    I am looking for a 7" Xenarc TS/TSV touchscreen monitor preferrably new or lightly used for less than $200
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    Are you serious?

    I just sold one for $315.

    I have another for $290.

    You will NOT find one for under $200


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      do you know the difference between the ts and the tsv?
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        A big difference, but either way their MSRP is only $30 apart, and you won't find either for what you're asking.

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          ill sell you my xenarc 7 inch tsv for 199.99 doesnt mean your gonna recieve it anytime this century...catch my drift? my point is the only way youll find it for less than 200 is if its broken or if its a scam and someone sees you dumb enough to send them money and you get **** in return. spend the extra hundred and some change and get it brand new with a warrantee
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            Honestly, I'd sell you my Xen 7" TSV for 110.00. It would need a casing (because Its molded into my dash) and a cable.

            It hasn't been used very much but is about 3 years old. The touch screen won't work until the temp in the car is above 45F as with any older xenarc.

            Also, there is two small screws that hold the button configuration that are missing that I'm sure you could get from xenarc.

            This guy needs some TLC but pretty worth it considering the price.
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              all I want is a trade for my brand new motorized in-dash 7" vga touschreen. but if I trade, I want to go new
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