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somewhat broken Lilliput 629 for cheap

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  • somewhat broken Lilliput 629 for cheap

    I tried to take it out of the case and now its not working. There's a ton of thread about how to fix it but I'm not too knowledable on how to do it and dont have the time.

    Details on the monitor:
    + It powers on fine.
    + The power button, menu button, volume button lights up fine
    + I can see the back of the LCD light up (so the lighting still works)
    - The screen just comes up a cloudy white.

    As you can see, it seems very fixable. Seems like most things are working. Maybe the ribbon is damage or something. I dont even know how to take the ribbon off so I'm not going to try to replace it myself.

    I will include everything that comes with the monitor, all the wirings, the cd, the power suplpy, the cigarett adapter, the stand holder thing, etc.

    $100 plus actual cost of shipping.

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    i will buy this.


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      ill take it!
      i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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        3rd in line?
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          is this same monitor?