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BRAND NEW AMD XP 64-bit 3200+ PC

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  • BRAND NEW AMD XP 64-bit 3200+ PC

    This thing is just a few days old... I decided I want to build another one for fun, so this one has to go. System includes the following:

    - AMD XP 64bit 3200+ processor
    - preinstalled Windows XP w/discs & manual
    - full emachines warranty
    - 512MB PC3200 (400MHz) dual channel DDR RAM
    - 160Gb 7200rpm Western Digital hard drive
    - dual-layer DVD/CD burner
    - CD-rom drive
    - 7 USB 2.0 and 2 firewire ports!
    (3 USB & 1 firewire on front panel)
    - 8-in-one media card reader
    - ATI Radeon X200 graphics
    - Realtek AC'97 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound
    - powered stereo speakers
    - 4 internal SATA ports
    - onboard 100Mbps Ethernet
    - easy-access side panel

    $600 shipped.

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    psst, you can return it if its only been a few days.


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      This must have been one of the black friday deals....heheh
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        i was selling this for a friend - but another friend pointed out that there are ways to get these cheaper brand new so sorry moderator delete this thread.


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          emachines uses the processors that never passed the tests at intel and amd. thought id throw that in before its closed
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