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Lilliput 7" Touch Screen 629 New Model 2005

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  • Lilliput 7" Touch Screen 629 New Model 2005

    -Sale Cancelled (Sorry)

    I hate to sell this but since I only used it once (for a trip from Arizona to Michigan with my laptop) it would definitly serve someone else alot better then my closet where it has resided since it one and only use.

    I have all original documentation and accessories that it came with and there are no blemishes or scratches of any type. It looks just like new and works excellent.

    I have other pictures that I can email you upon request.


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    Not to mean any harm but you may not get many offers at that price due to the price of a new one in the store.....unless that happens to be $CAN, if so though it should be listed.


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      Darn the price has come down!!!

      Well never mind the sale of this as I can't stand to let it go after I see the price of them brand new. It is worth more to me then what I can sell for....

      Thanks for pointing this out to me......