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FS: Brand new! Commell LV-671 MOBO for $199 !!!!

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  • FS: Brand new! Commell LV-671 MOBO for $199 !!!!

    I am selling my commell LV-671 mini itx pentium M mobo.
    The board has never been used and is sealed!

    In the box of the mobo you will get :

    - Commell LV-671 Mini itx Pentium M motherboard
    - Cableset ( IDE, molex, slim-floppy)
    - Coolerfan (already onboard)
    - Manual

    It is all working and brand new!

    This system is much and much better then any of the Via Epia mobo's.

    The newprice of the products in my country (The Netherlands) is:

    $399 for the board.
    Well since it is brandnew and a verypowerfull system I am asking :

    only $199

    Dont wait 2 long....only got 2 left of them!

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    Does the board come with a backplate and power connector for the special 4-PIN mini-DIN power socket?
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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      The board does not come with a isn't in the box and i don't have it either. It comes with a laptop power supply wich works on 230v.

      At one end of that suplly is the 4 pin mini din connector ur talking about..


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          Dont have a digicam. Here are some pictures from the internet.


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            Dang that is a good deal! This is an awesome MB - I have it myself!


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              I know...I use one also in my car. with an 2.0 Ghz / 2M CPU.....incredibly fast.


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                Can you do 4 channel analog sound with this board? If so, how is it connected? "Front Panel Audio"?

                Do these boards come with the PCMCIA slot (I read they were optional somewhere)?
                Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                  Also, what power supply do you use in your car and how do you have it connected? I read somewhere on here about troubles getting a standard ATX DC-DC PSU to power up the board due to the boards mini-DIN connector.

                  EDIT: After reading the manual I see the board has a standard P4 12V connector, which means powering the board is easy, but how about getting something like a M2-ATX to work with the board considering it apparently uses the ATX connector to sense if the board is on for its shutdown controller?

                  If all my questions are answered, i will definately be interested in getting one of these. So please dont sell them on me yet
                  Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                    On board there is 1 3.5mm mini jack connector wich u can expand with an optional bay to 3 3.5mm minijacks .. so you can then connect 5.1 channel sound.

                    From there its just a matter of 2 cables for front and rear from 3.5mm mini jack. to 2x RCA. Et Voila 4 channel analog sound.

                    PCMCIA is optional yes. my boards dont have such a slot.


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                      Do you have the optional audio bay? I believe it connects to a 10-pin header on the motherboard correct?

                      Can you please post the exact specs of your model? I have seen many variations of the LV-671 on the commell website.
                      Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                        Jarrod, I think the M2-ATX will need the optional Sumicom(?) adapter. See the manual. Alternatively, I believe the Carnetix PSUs work straight away, since they are just regulators and that is all the Commell boards need. I grabbed one from Arroz and have not had the time to figure out exactly what it takes to power it, but hope that helps. Board works great with the AC/DC supplied adapter and seller was very professional.
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                          Can you post some pics of the actual board Wicked, considering Arroz cant?
                          Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                            bump...any chance of pics Wicked?
                            Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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                              Sold yet?