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4 mini cctv color cameras

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  • 4 mini cctv color cameras

    I was gonna put them in my carputer project and have one camera facing each side of the car.

    But I'm skipping this now, to rasie money to finish the basic carputer for now.
    Brand new, comes with power supplies for each.

    $120 for all 4 + shipping
    or pick up in NYC

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    hey man is that the nightvision kind? and what if i only want like 2 ... will u take some trades?


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      sorry, no night vision.
      but they can see just fine with the overhead street lights here in NY.
      it's a pretty low lux.

      I would be willing to split them up at $30 each

      if you guys have trades, post it, maybe I might be interested


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        trades in my thread leme know wssup the pic u posted is the infrared one with the 6 leds thats what i ment by night vision


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          are these ccd or cmos?
          i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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            ok I just opened up one of the boxes
            it's not the same pic as the front

            I took a pic of it.
            it's similar, round instead of square
            the little black dots are not infrared
            I never bought that option
            I think they make the same casing for both the infrared and NON-infradred ones. and just fill in the holes with black dots on the non infrared ones


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              Originally posted by EsKALad
              are these ccd or cmos?
              it says CMOS on the box
              btw: what's the diff between the 2?

              also box says it has audio


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                ccd is better quality
                i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!


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                  hey man i might pick up 2 from u these wold be sick on my bike and they r easy to mount too i just need to figure out something for a recorder and ill get back to u in the mean while leme know if u will trade 2 of em for something from my list