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Performance 10k RPM tach with shift lights and backlight

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  • Performance 10k RPM tach with shift lights and backlight

    Just got this from a buddy, he wants me to sell it for him... he said it won't work for him because he doesn't have a distributor, and that's what it hooks up to. I don't know much about it, but it's this exact product:

    # Displays 0 to 10,000 RPM scale in 100 RPM increments

    # Programmable to set desired shift points and recall the highest RPM achieved

    # External and internal super bright shift lights

    # Super lightweight

    # Full 270-degree sweeps for increased visibility

    # Vivid orange pointer against popular white dial face enhances instrument readability

    # Aluminum bezel accentuates any interior

    # Bright Back-Lit™ display enhances night viewing

    # Use OEM-type Electric Aircore meter movement for increased performance and accuracy

    # Include Omega shock-mount bracket for on-dash or pillar-mount installations

    It does not come with mounting hardware (screws) but it does have the mounting bracket on it.
    As far as I know, it's brand new and never been used. It has a shift light on the tach, as well as a detachable light for other placement.

    I'm not sure what these go for, but given the retail price, we'll say $100 shipped.

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    **** man i want that but my redline is 13.5 hahaha


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      Bump, how about $90 shipped?