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FS: Sony 5'' PSone LCD with VGA mod.

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  • FS: Sony 5'' PSone LCD with VGA mod.

    For sale: Sony 5 inch PSone LCD with VGA mod to work with PC.

    Nicely done and still mounted in original casing. Works great. Will include instructions and other useful information regarding it.


    It's currently what I run. I decided to buy a couple extra and mod them for friends.

    Ask for more information.

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    You might want to post pics!
    Post # 3000


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        Will do.

        I'll get some up either tonight or tomorrow. Gotta work!


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          i want it. acutally, i have a psone LCD, however can't fig. out how to mod to VGA mode. can you show some pics. also, is that perfect for laptop vga output?


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            pics wont do much for you.

            pics aren't going to do you any good.

            grab a meter and test for continuity on the pins/wires on the vga cable. write down which color goes to which pin. grab a pinout diagram for good measure.

            if you don't have a meter youc an do what I do. use the vga cable wires in a stereo speaker circuit. when you touch the wire to the pin that's correct, music starts playing out the speaker. my personal version of a continuity test.

            look around the web for help regarding it. there's one page that helps a whole lot but I don't have access to bookmarks now


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              Is still topic still up to this day ??? i mean, can you get me one of those ???