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Income Tax coming soon, time to upgrade!

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  • Income Tax coming soon, time to upgrade!

    I will be getting my tax refund back in the next week or so (should be) and you know what that means?

    New Carputer time...actually, just some modifying, bleh, whatever..

    What I want is to get some prices from people who have items they would like to sell, you do not have to hold them for me, but I would like to get these purchases put in place so I can get them as soon as I can after the money is in my hands.

    So....if somebody comes along and offers to buy the item you want to sell to me, do it, if not, I will most likely purchase in the next week or two.

    Here is the list I am looking at

    Matx socket 370 motherboard with everything onboard, serial port a must. Has to support P3 1.26ghz cpu.

    If I cant achieve the above, Id be interested in a mini-itx system, M10000 is the lowest specs tho.

    M2-ATX psu (this I might buy from the store)

    Slim, slot load cdrw/dvd drive (doesnt have to be DVD-rw)

    Powered USB 2.0 hub (must be 2.0)

    Laptop to IDE converter (for cd drive)

    IDE to USB converter (for cd drive)

    matx desktop style case, or custom case (has to look good, a custom case would be nice since I wont have a regular PSU and dont need space for it or the cd rom)

    WinTV 401 pci card (for radio)

    1 Pair of good 6x9's (dont have to be super awesome, but good/decent) "PENDING GENESIS FACTOR"

    Car antenna male to female ext/adapter cable (for wintv)

    Logitech Noise Cancelling mic (you know the one)

    Bluetooth or USB phone adapter (for Motorola phone)

    USB 2.0 PCI card

    Non-Carputer needs

    Wireless router (must be G, must have external antenna option)
    Wireless PCI or USB adapter
    P4 ATX psu (good)
    512 OCZ premier (value) 3200 DDR
    Aluminum ATX case
    Computer speakers for main pc (Logitech X-530 or something, just decent)
    Hauppage PVR card (150, 250, 350, whatever)
    P4 motherboard that will support a 3ghz p4. (I want something that is not picky on memory, the Asus board I have is extremely picky.)
    2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?

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    i have a guy who's selling some kappa 6x9's for $50, new in box. I have 6.5's, but i jumped on his 4x6's. This year's i believe since the 4x6's were. PM me with your home address and i'll PM him for the sale. Dont' forget to include shipping and the 3% fees! No, there's no middle man mark up . The powered USB hub, i had a watchdog thread that had them at Homedepot for really really cheap. They were GE. Not 2.0 though, if i remember correctly. I hope this helps.

    OH, i have a wirless USB adapter, NIB, that if i don't use, you can for a good offer. Its linksys, B. I have some decent aftermarket computer speakers, not something that came with a desktop, but i'm not sure where the plug is...
    Carputer Progress: Here we go again...

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    Genesis has class
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    before your a__;)

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      2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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        2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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          i have a netgear router i can sell used for about 2 months... 54mbps make me an offer


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            I have a NetGear WirelessG Router that's new in it's box and an EVGA NVTV single tuner MCE TV card if you're interested. I also have a powered USB hub.


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              i have a powered usb hub, bluetooth usb adapter (small), and a clear acrylic case (see-thru), Pinnacle PCTV TV card, and Altec Leansing Walmart special speakers i'm not using that i could part with... LMK...


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                Jesus christ, lmfao.

                Let me look through some of this stuff, you all will probably get pms.

                give me a bit.
                2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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                  Got my w2 today, wooohoo. Rapid Refund like a mutha!
                  2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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                    How would you want to pay for new scealed in box X-530 ?
                    Via Epia M10000 / 512 DDR / 10gigs 3.5 HD / M1-ATX / Innovatek 7" TS Screen
                    Trunk fiberglassing in progress...
                    Need GPS / Aux Input / WiFi

                    My Corolla Computer


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                      2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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                        bump, things added, deleted.
                        2000 Sunfire build 100%, or is it ever really 100%?


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                          I have a brand new bluetooth adapter I got off ebay about a week ago. I ended up selling the phone I was going to use it with, so I haven't even opened it. It's yours for $20 shipped.


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                            i got a microsoft wireless G router with everything but the box. it was used for at most 2 months when i was living with my cuz over winter break. i no longer need it. just make an offer.


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                              i have the m2atx it is from the store i bought it brand new cuz i was impatient and i finally got the beta testing one so ill sell the mp3car store one for 90 shipped.
                              i got dat ***** sittin on 22s! SUPERMAN EDITION!