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WTB or Trade TS Vga working or broken

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  • WTB or Trade TS Vga working or broken

    I am looking for a DWW-700M or similar or just a Xenarc w/touch and vga mabye a Lilliput newer model only

    Will give cash and trade stuff for one

    Parts I have so far is
    Power suplly for the shuttle pc

    Motherboard Shuttle S24 It is a pIII 800Mhz does not want to boot fans and lights come on.
    A Western digital 20gig 3.5 HDD
    A Hitachi 2.5 5.59 gig HDD
    a Hitachi 2.5 6.04gig HDD
    A seagate 2.5 1.85 gig HDD
    May part the 40 gig Hitachi it's a 2.5 too i been using in my laptop
    A usb Tv tuner hauppauge WinTV-USB
    sprint pocket pc/phone
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    how much for the tv tuner and the 2.5" 6.04 hdd?


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      $20 for the usb Tv tuner the software you can download from the web site and $10 for the HDD
      so total with shipping $38-$40

      I need address so I can calculate shipping


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        How many threads are you selling the same USB TV Tuner in? Is the other thread you listed it in where I called dibs a different tuner or are you selling the same one in both threads? It's more than a little confusing.