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Aopen Xcube Av and 8" lillput

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  • Aopen Xcube Av and 8" lillput

    Ok so neither of these are me selling them but as I am new....but a very resourcefull consultant, I know how to search out the good deals.......

    so anyway this is what I am in the process of putting into my car......almost complete.

    I thought I would share my sources for some real nice parts real cheap.

    Aopen Xc cube This is the one I got.......for what he is selling them for I was a tad leery at first...called him on the phone....very nice guy, he is a authorized Aopen service/rma center the pc IS REFURBED however I can tell you what I got was exactly the same as original box all bags with cords remote etc were sealed unopened..... this is a great little comes with a install disk which installs its own OS and partition on about 100megs of the hard drive to be used for the instant on functions...which allows access to MP3/tv/fm/dvd/vcd functions without booting into windows.

    I have taken the mobo/ps out of the case and chopped just the front panel off the case all the cables in the case are fairly long accept the cable from the vacuum florescent display and buttons.....this cable I had to build an extension for as it was only about four inches long the mobo is withing an inch or so of the actual dimensions of the is narrow but a tad on the long side front to rear the PS is very small. I dare you to find the same system any cheaper or even close to that price........he has others available also.

    Any other questions about this PC feel free to ask and I will let you know.

    and as for the 8" lill NPS They have 3 more of the new 8" lill's at 199.00 buyitnow and no from hong kong shipping there shipping rates are cheap and very fair.....they also take CC's over the phone (if your like me a detest paypal) I payed for my screen about mid-day and they had it in the mail and a tracking number for me the same day! Check there ebay store often....they get all kinds of cool stuff going through there This flip down screen/dvd player for 135.00 buy it now I actually got my screen at auction for 152+shipping and like the first guy for the computer what I received was EXACTLY what they said,,,,new in box and packaged extremely proffesionally.........

    Just thought I would pass along the info...I waited until I got everything to verify condition and value and I couldn't be any more happy....especially with the PC....hell a decent tv tuner with fm will cost you as much if not more then the entire PC.

    Again any question about anything I will be glad to help out if I can.........I AM NOT AFFILIATED WITH EITHER COMPANY IN ANY WAY......Just found them to be awesome deals and great people to deal with.


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    so where did you find these deals? im intereested in the pc myself


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      And why the hell is this posted in the Classified forum?!?!?!
      Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
      How about the Wiki?

      Under normal circumstances, a signature would go here.


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        wow none of the links worked in my message.

        DarquePervert: I put it here as this is where people come looking to buy stuff

        so any way the screen came from

        and the pc came from

        And as a side note I have a P4 2.8 proc. and a 1gig stick of ddr400 I will sell if anyone is interested