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Feeler: Laptop and some stuff for AVIC-D1

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  • Feeler: Laptop and some stuff for AVIC-D1

    I just got back from iraq, and was in the process of putting together a carputer, but i ended up selling my mr2 turbo, and i just really don't have the time to do this, so i'm WTT for AVIC-D1 or n2.

    this is a great carputer project, here goes

    Model number for the laptop is Clevo D5P, specs are:
    P4 2.66ghz
    512mb ram
    9600 128mb

    problems with the setup:

    a few keys are defective, one of the hinges is off the screen BUT it still opens and closes perfectly, and theres a bit of a "mark" on the screen not sure what it was but it still works and finally the dvd drive seems to be on its way out it, but i'll replace that IF its a straight trade, and besides if you were to use it for a carpc i would assume you would want a slot drive in the front anyways

    sound jack is defective (sound still comes out of the speakers), so i've included a usb sound card

    included in a smaller usb keyboard with arabic and english characters

    *edit: the ipod is not included, its just to show you the size of the laptop