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WTB: Dead Liliput or Xenarc 7" for prototyping

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  • WTB: Dead Liliput or Xenarc 7" for prototyping

    Hello All,

    I am working on designing a retractable screen setup for a Mazda 6. I want to design something along the lines of what is being done here for the G35, but I intend to make the assembly motorized.

    Anyway, Since I will be needing 2 screens for prototyping, I am afraid to work with new screens since I may damage it during the design process. If anyone has one they would be willing to give me that would be great or I would be willing to pay for one. I know there are a lot of people here with dead Liliputs so please let me know if you have one I can have or buy. A dead Xenarc would be great too. I will not be attempting to get these serviced in any way, and if you like you can drill through the PCB's and the screen. I just need parts to design around without the worry of damaging an expensive screen.

    If you ave a Mazda 6 and a dead screen it may be worth your while to send me one.

    Any help will be greatly appreciated,

    Marc Webster

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    dont double post :-P check out my fs thread ive got some stuff in there that u might want make an offer on em and lets see wats up


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      Sorry about the double post, I was unsure where I should post it so I figured why not both since I know there are so many dead Lili's out there. Anyway, thanks for the offer. I looked over your stuff and what I need is an entire unit so I can learn how all the parts are assembled in the stock housing and hooked up and design around their scheme. If I buy just parts here and there, I will have no idea how the unit is assembled. Now that I see that these screens are parted out when they break, maybe looking for a dead one is unrealistic. I will hold out for a few days and if nothing comes of it will have to bight the bullet and get a new one and hope I don't kill it while designing my mechanism.

      Best regards,

      Marc Webster