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FS: K90 In-dash LCD Touchscreen Monitor

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  • FS: K90 In-dash LCD Touchscreen Monitor


    Up for sale is a NIB-NU (new in box - never used) K90 in-dash motorized LCD touchscreen monitor. (See more details here.)

    Asking $400 + shipping (probably around $20, depending on where you live.)

    So why am I selling this? Well, here's the story.

    I am putting together my own CarPC, and I had planned on using an in-dash LCD monitor. I got lucky and was able to purchase this unit directly from China ( However, after it arrived, I thought about it a bit more and decided that I really wanted a bigger LCD screen. I am now planning on purchasing the Optrex 8.4" LCD LVDS screen (T-51639D084JU-FW-A-AB) and creating a custom enclosure for it.

    So now I need to sell this unit so I can purchase the bigger (and more expensive!) LCD I really want. I'm not looking to make money on this - $400 was my cost (price + shipping/handling). First credible* buyer replying to this post gets it!

    Any questions, please post reply so I can share my answers with everyone.



    * By "credible" I mean whomever replies first with solid finances.
    If paid by PayPal, I'll ship to confirmed address (only), on the following day upon receiving the payment.
    If paid by money order/bank check, I'll need to receive it first before shipping.
    If paid by personal check, it must clear my account before I ship.

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    Time's running out!

    Just FYI: I plan to take this to fleaBay on the 18th if no one here is interested in it.


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      FYI: When I click to view this thread, a prompt popping up asking for username and password. WTF is that?
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        MAN would I love to buy this... but a little short on $$$ right now. F'n Valentines Day. Please post a link to the Ebay auction if/when you put it up. Best of luck!



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          Originally posted by MatrixPC
          FYI: When I click to view this thread, a prompt popping up asking for username and password. WTF is that?



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            Gone to fleaBay

            If anyone's interested... It's item # 8042122698


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              this thread is over 2 months old. What is wrong with you?
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