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WTB / WTTF: HIDs, Audio Cap, Mobo / Proc

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  • WTB / WTTF: HIDs, Audio Cap, Mobo / Proc

    hey guys wssup! well heres a few things that im interested in for trade and maybe buy if the price is right

    1. hid headlight kit ballast and all
    2. .5 / 1 / 1.5 farad cap
    3. some kind of dual proc mobo with dual processors aswell or maybe a really fast single processor setup its for a desktop not a carpc

    shoot me whatever else u have check out what ive got to trade from my forsale thread in my thread thanks guys

    contact me on aim at thexklusiveducky or email

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    I got u a hook up with HIDs in most sizes/colors for like 250-300 shipped. Gotta tell me what kinda bulbs you need and what color (5300K - white; 6500k - bluish white [what I have in my car], 8000k which is pretty pure blue, and 11000k which is purple) and I'll see what I can get pricewise for ya.

    If you're wanting to trade, on the other hand, PM me with what you're willing to give up for a trade and we'll see what we can work out.


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      well lowest i got on ebay was 175 shipped for a whole set but thats the american **** leme know wat brands and stuff ur using and ill tell u


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        The stuff I got is McCulloch

        One of the best brands out there.


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          sweeet arite then im interested definately... u think u can get me just a buy it now price on 3 sets? an estimatd price ill find out exctly what builbs i need and postit up

          also if i wanted one would u do a trade for it something in my fs thread


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            Man, I gotta know what kinda bulbs and what colour before I can get you a price. The prices aren't universal.