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FS - Toshiba Satelite A15-S157 - Works but for sale as Parts

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  • FS - Toshiba Satelite A15-S157 - Works but for sale as Parts

    Hello all -

    Okay heres the story with this laptop.

    Its a Toshiba A15-S157. Specs are a 2.2ghz celly, 2x256mb DDR, 40gig, Integrated wifi B.

    Okay im selling this as parts, because, the unit has some problems. I use to have problems with it overheating and crashing, I brought it to CompUSA where i had a extended warranty, and each time they said they fixed it(reloading windows with all their garbage) and it was never fixed. One day in class it just crashed on me and wouldn't start up. I began to tinker with it, and its the CPU fan which is dead. I bought a new one and it still wouldn't spin. However the unit DOES POWER ON. I can get into windows and run it all but it just gets hot and will crash. I was running it for a while just as a inet machine, had the cover for the cpu open and jsut over hte side of a table.

    I see it going brand new on ebay for 500 buy it now. I see jsut the battery alone going for about 75 bucks.

    So i would like to see something like 150 for it? OBO of course. Remember that OBO, i just want something for it.

    You can probably take it out of the casing and just use build something i dunno. Probably would be good for a car player, its a small mothebroard could build it into another case and just add a cpu fan?

    Lets just see if i can get rid of this


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    already sold.

    thanks for your interest guys.