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Fs: Nec 10.4" Lcd Panel W/controller & Usb Touch Screen Kit

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  • Fs: Nec 10.4" Lcd Panel W/controller & Usb Touch Screen Kit


    free shipping for mp3car members (US only) but insurance required (actual cost from P.O.)

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    Junk alert

    Back to your old tricks hey, you should remeber me you tried to screw me out of 200.00 with that piece of CR*P lcd screen. Don't buy from this thief.


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      Go crap elsewhere. You are the one who didn't read the descriprtion from the auction you bought. Remember? The dead pixel was disclosed, as was the fact that it is 640x480 only.

      This guy cried foul to Paypal due to buyer's remorse.

      And for your informaiton, I have several of these panels, and the one that you sent back was sold long ago.

      For anyone who cares, Pete bought an NL6448AC33-18 panel with a vga/rca controller, no touch screen, if I remember correctly. He received it, then emailed saying it was not as described. When I asked what was wrong, he said there were several dead pixels, and the image did not display correctly.
      I told him the sale was final, and warranty was DOA only, as the auction stated (I have a copy on file and will post it if it comes to that point).
      So, he goes to Paypal and files an "item not as described" complaint. They sided with him (I don't know how, they never saw the equipment) and refunded him. He did return the equipment, however would not admit he suffered from buyer's remorse. I tested the equipment and everything worked, and the dead pixel was still there, but not the several he claimed. Plus, the image did display correctly, @ 640x480. I resold the setup on ebay, and the new owner was satisifed.
      My ebay feedback speaks for me, and I am quite sure that if I was a theif like Pete says, my feedback would be littered with negs, or even neutrals.
      I stand behind my items 100% and strive for accuracy in my listings.


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        I do not know who is right or wrong, but PAYPAL FU#KING SUCKS AZZ. They call themselves a merchant, with NO PROTECTION. I sold a laptop on ebay for $1500. guy claimed that laptop was not working and he filed chargeback on his card. Paypal did there ****ty investigation for 2 months. They not only gave him the money, but my laptop too. I had to get a lawyer to get this my laptop back and spent $200 for a lawyer. Today i got the laptop back and the box is just as sealed as i sent it. The buyer never opend the box. I am power seller on ebay, but no more paypal for me. I had it with them.