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FS: CarPC 2.4 startup/shutdown controller

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  • FS: CarPC 2.4 startup/shutdown controller

    Have this sitting in my room for the last couple months... never used, only mounted... comes with instructions, screws, and wiring

    Asking 60shipped

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    2.4 shutdown/startup controller

    pm sent
    Sell me your stuff.. please see what i'm looking to buy


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      MORE INFO:

      CarPC EZ v2.4 its the older version from the one in the mp3car store

      # Automatic Safe PC Startup/Shutdown - Prevents data loss and corruption by properly starting and shutting down your CarPC.
      # Ultimate Flexibility - Every timer and many options related to the control of the PC, Inverter, Amps, etc. are user-adjustable. They are digitally selected and stored, will not drift like pots (which other SDCs use), are saved indefinitely even during power loss. See the Configuration Manual for information relating to these settings.
      # Shutdown to Standby Support - Using this Option, your PC can shutdown to standby. This is useful because Shutdown/Startup to/from Standby is much faster than when using Hibernate.
      # Power Pulse Mode™ - Allows you to use a Pulse to begin Startup/Shutdown sequences. See the Accessory Manual and Configuration Manual for more information.
      # Power-Protect™ - Monitors vehicle voltage levels and will prevent the PC from turning on or will shutdown the PC when the car battery is too low. Jumper settings allow the user to adjust or disable the voltage monitor.
      # Battery-Safe™ - Forces PC to shutdown if it hangs with the car off. Prevents you returning to a car with a dead battery due to your CarPC after a long day of work or play.
      # Inverter Control - Turns on and off the 120VAC Inverter. Click here to see our inverters modified for use with our Power Controllers. This feature can also control DC-DC Power Supplies. Want your PC to survive cranking your car? Get the CarPC Tank EZ Here.
      # Amplifier Turn-On Circuit - Turns on and off external amplifiers
      # Screen Turn-On Circuit - Turns on and off all your screens
      # Works with Any PC - PC and Operating System must be ACPI Compliant and properly detected as such by whatever Operating System is being used.
      # On-Glitch Saver™ - Makes sure that the key is on before turning the PC on. This also allows you to quickly do anything that requires the key to be on such as rolling up a window.
      # Stay-On™ - Allows you to turn off your car engine and not effect the CarPC. This comes in handy when filling up at a gas station where you want to shut off the car but not the PC.
      # Anti-Thump™ - Specialized sequencing of your amplifiers (if any) on and off in a specific order to prevent harsh Thump that results from the PC turning on and off.
      # PC Compatibility - Works with ATX, Mini-ITX, and µ-ITX motherboards and Power Supplies.
      # OS Compatibility - Works with ACPI Compliant Operating System
      # PC-Monitor - Our Power controllers will NEVER get confused about whether the pc is on or off.
      # Trip-Off - Can turn off the PC while the car is running without turning off the power controller.
      # Adjustable Low Voltage Levels
      # Quick Connect Cables
      # Modify Startup Timers
      # Valet/Alarm Mode - Keep the PC from turning on when others will drive your car or when your alarm has gone off.
      # Control Other Items - Control Power to up to 20 items. See the Accessory Manual for details.
      # Remain-On Mode - Allows the PC to stay on with the car off. The PC will then turn off if the temperatures become extreme or voltage levels drop too low. See the Accessory Manual for details.
      # Instant-Off Mode - Allows you to instantly switch off the PC and other devices using a switch. See the Accessory Manual for details.
      # Serial Port Shutdown - Shutdown the PC via serial port. Useful for laptop users and users who cannot connect to the PC's power button. You must add the "Serial Port Shutdown Accessory" to your cart to receive the additional hardware and software.

      comes from

      Installation Manual:


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        Please stop trying to go to the Installation Manual link in the above post. The Link is incorrect. Here is the correct one:

        Installation Manual

        Thank you,
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