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Wanted: M1000 Low Profile Heat Sink

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  • Wanted: M1000 Low Profile Heat Sink

    If anyone has a spare one, or knows of a good source, please let me know.
    I am looking for the low profile heat sink that goes on a M1000 mobo so it can fit into the mini C134 case.

    Alternatly, if you have one, please post a pic or two, as a last resort I might have to make one myself.

    Thanks for the help!
    ... Mike ...

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    contact these guys. They used to have them on their website, but I would imagine they still have them since they still sell the c134 as a barebones, or complete pc.


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      Thanks for the info .... I've sent them info and will wait to see what they say.

      Right now I see three options:
      1) Get one from them,
      2) Saw off the top of the existing heatsink,
      3) Take a hunk of aluminum and mill a new, custom heatsink.

      Of all of them, I think number 1 is the easiest, But I did find someone in the UK who had a few of the tall (regular) heatsinks, so I could chop up one of those.

      Thanks for the info!
      ... M ...


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        Found a solution (option #4)

        Thanks for the info .... I now have option #4 .....

        Found a dealer who had CPU Heatsink+Fan+Chipset heatsink for about $2.50. With that I can chop off the top of the chipset cooler (to reduce the height) and also add the fan from the CPU cooler (to improve cooling).

        After reading some older posts about the stock low profile chipset cooler it sounded like there were some heat issues. By adding the cooling fan, that should be eliminated.

        ... M ...
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