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Garage Sale, Prices reduced!

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  • Garage Sale, Prices reduced!

    Free Shipping for as much as you buy!

    Here's the deal:

    New Stuff
    1GHZ P3 Processor - $20
    Socket 370 (Pentium 3) mATX board w/ onboard audio, video - $20
    XBOX DVD remote w/ dongle - $10
    XBOX HD Cable set - $5
    Lilliput 619 casing - $5


    Super 7" LCD - AS IS, these are fragile and people frequently damage them upon installation
    Upgraded dual output inverter-good in case you ever decide up upgrade backlighting
    new TS panel
    Comes with all cables, remote, and original box.
    over $210 shipped from eBay, with standard single output inverter!
    $160 Shipped

    (1) brand new 10.4" touch screens
    Made by Computer Dynamics.
    640x480, high resolutions may work but will likely require powerstrip.
    ELO 5 wire touchscreen.
    Variable backlight, set by pot in rear of unit
    These are very rugged and durable. Steel frame case.
    Works in Windows XP!
    $150 shipped

    Screen Parts
    Serial Touchscreen Controller --- $20
    Lilliput AC adapter --- $10
    Two liliput A/V cable setups ---$10 each

    CarPC stuff:

    Socket A motherboard - KC7-333 - $20
    D-link PCI wireless card w/RP-SMA connector - $15
    Voodoo3 PCI video card - $15
    Mounting board and PCI card brackets for installation - $20

    Computer parts
    Pair of computer speakers - $5
    1x CD-ROM drive painted blue - $5
    Advantech SBC PCI-6771 w/ P3 Celeron 533 and 128MB RAM - uses Molex for power - $85
    Generic Brand mATX Socket A MB Onboard audio, video, gameport, 2xIDE, etc - $25
    Aopen AK77-600N (probably dead) - $10
    Shuttle AK35CT - $20
    Parallel port card w/ 2 parallel ports - $10
    BT878 Based TV Tuner - $20
    4MB PCI video card - $5
    2x Network cards - $3 each
    Zalman HSF for Socket 370 - $10
    APC Back-UPS Pro 1400VA w/ fresh batteries and serial port cable, spare fuse - $110 + actual shipping


    2 Lilliput remotes - $10 each
    External Antenna w/RP-SMA connector for GPS - 15ft cord - $15
    Laptop-sized USB KB - $15
    Modem - $free
    Magellan 310 GPS
    Comes with data cable and power cable for cigarette lighter
    Outputs NMEA data, I have used it with iGuidance with no problems. I put it on my dashboard when I'm in the car, and take it out when I go camping, etc...great thing to get if you do both.
    $65 shipped
    Box of fans and backplates - specify size or $30 shipped for the whole box
    (1) 9.4" Planar screen
    no touchscreen
    12v in
    $55 shipped
    One Panasonic/Xenarc/Gain LCD --- $30
    Duron 950 processor w/ SK7 heatsink/fan- $20
    DS-ATX w/ brainstem and newest firmware - $180
    VGA to Composite/S-video converter - $10
    Leadtek Winfast TV2000 Deluxe TV Tuner - $30
    Two broken Liliput Controllers --- $10 each
    One Lilliput touchscreen panels --- $30
    Fossil watch. Just replaced the battery. $25 shipped.
    5.1 sound card - $10
    Abit NF7-S (probably dead) - $10
    1GB PC3200 RAM (2x512) ---$65
    XP2400 processor - probably dead - $15
    XP2200 processor - probably dead - $15
    XP2200 processor - probably dead - $15
    Legacy 5" LCD
    Accepts composite input, 12vDC
    $30 shipped
    8" Lilliput TS.
    New, never used, only opened to verify contents.
    $320 from MP3car store, $220 shipped remember, it's never been used.

    Otherwise, let me know what you want. I am open to offers - I'd like to see this stuff grow legs and get out of my house. I'm open to trades. Paypal is preferred, but shoot me a PM and we'll discuss other methods.

    101-0-0 Heat:

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    Pm sent on D-link PCI wireless card w/RP-SMA connector.


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      do you still have the

      Socket 370 (Pentium 3) mATX board w/ onboard audio, video - $20

      What's the board model and brand?


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          I need a good power supply one?
          120WD HD
          7" Lilliput
          Panasonic slot load DVD/CD-RW
          Turtle Beach USB sound card
          Innovate LM-1 w/AuxBox


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            i'll take the lilliput casing and one of the a/v cables. pm sent.
            2001 Acura CL traded for a 2006 Subaru Legacy GT
            7" Lilliput Touchscreen
            512 DDRsodimm
            60g SATA Laptop HD
            4x Apple DVDslot
            digimoto OBDii
            mS GPS
            mini BT keyboard
            relocated HU faceplate


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              Originally posted by customtl
              I need a good power supply one?
              negative, sorry


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                  What is this

                  Shuttle AK35CT

                  All google returns is your thread. HAHAHAHA.

                  ...I love the French language...especially to curse with...Nom de Dieu de putain de bordel de merde de saloperies de connards d'enculés de ta mère. You see, it's like wiping your *** with silk, I love it.


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                    it's an AK35GTR, that was a typo


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                      Originally posted by Wiredwrx
                      What is this

                      Shuttle AK35CT

                      All google returns is your thread. HAHAHAHA.


                      I did the same thing a few days back...cracked me up pretty good.

                      No one ever said this stuff was easy...The Mobile Desktop

                      Dolby Digital Real-time Encoding*Desktop Computer*Athlon XP Mobile*ASUS A7N8X Deluxe*Kingston Hyper X*5.25" CDRW and DVD drives*Lilliput 8" LCD*Mag 14" LCD


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                        1GHZ P3 Processor
                        Socket 370 (Pentium 3) mATX board w/ onboard audio, video

                        sold! me


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                          Check PM!