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PIONEER AUX pins for sale !

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  • PIONEER AUX pins for sale !

    Hey friends i had received quite a few enquires for the AUX pins on pioneer decks

    I found a local source here

    so anyone who wants one let me know 30$ (USD) including shipping..

    you get a cable ready to use one side the pin shown below in the gif and the other side two rca jack

    Paypal is fine ([email protected])


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    Ummm, sorry if I am stupid here, but I have no idea what you are selling.



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      ok this is the pic of what i am talking about

      on one side you will get this pin and the other side you will get two rca jack to connect the Mp3player then just put the Pioneer deck to aux mode and voila your playing Mp3 through your pioneer deck like i do


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        Still have any of these?
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          yes i do mail me !!!


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            Does it work with ALL pioneer HU's?
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              yes it does


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                shot ya a pm about getting one of these masetro..let me know
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                  Is this local source making his own or selling brand new Pioneer RB10? It is $35 MSRP and can be found much cheaper at most online stores, even Crutchfield sells it for $30. RB20 is a more complex version that allows you to still use the changer cord AND get auxilary input, $75 MSRP.

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                    hey mastero,
                    can you still get ahold of these?

                    they upped the price in the states...



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                      Backpack you really digged up old post !

                      Yes i can get my hands on these !

                      Price same as above

                      Let me know



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                        Hey guys, HOLD ON A SECOND.

                        I believe that this ONLY WORKS WITH IP-BUS not M-Bus... Maestro, do you know if it works with both busses? AFAIK the m-bus pretty much cannot have one of these adapters, whereas the IP-Bus was made with this type of thing in mind. If it is the CD-RB10 or CD-RB20 then it only works with IP-Bus head units (model numbers starting with CDI I think, NOT CDM - CDM is M-Bus)...
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                          Telek your right this works just like the CD-RB10 so guys dont jump be sure then jump

                          also what the hell is M-bus ??? never seen any



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                            M-bus was the predecessor to IP-Bus... so it's much more limited and can't do things like allow an aux-in easily (why? I don't know, but this is what the people from alpine say)... IP-Bus however has the ability to allow an aux-in.

                            Probably because M-Bus was designed specifically for use with a cd-changer, so in order to allow an aux-in you have to emulate the Cd-changer, whereas IP-Bus allows a simple aux-in without need to "emulate" anything.

                            Incidentally I just hacked my Pioneer DEH-345 to allow an aux-in. It was actually very simple, I was pretty surprised! Unfortunately my digital camera charger is MIA so the only pictures that I could take were with my webcam Oh well.
                            IN DEVELOPMENT -- '96 Mustang, lilliput with PII/450 laptop, custom DC-DC power supply, 60GB; Garmin GPS; 802.11g; compact keyboard, small graphical LCDs, OBDII.


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                              When you look at the design of the CDRB20, they really missed the boat.
                              They probably could have had it auto switch, and mute, but if you are playing through the AUX and switch to CD mode, IIRC you will still hear the AUX.

                              I found a little circuit to auto switch on an audio signal, and was going to build a CDRB30 (codename ) to auto switch the AUX input when the CD was playing, but then I abandoned the project as I got an empeg

                              I got the CDRB20 schematic from Pioneer many moons ago, which is up here if anyone whats to check it out.
                              Really should have put a counter up there tho, and have now lost all the account details