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FYI: LCD Setups

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  • FYI: LCD Setups

    Hi all,

    I recently talked with someone who has lcd setups for sale. He is selling them for $200. The number of his companies product manager, Michael Pisarenko, is 612-387-7685. He will give you the best price.

    Here's the specs:

    This is a Brand New 11.3" Toshiba LCD kit with included LCD-VGA adapter. Using a VGA input means you can use a high-end video card for your LCD display. Otherwise LCD's are limited to slower, 1MB or 2MB video controllers. Now you can use your 64MB 3D video card on your LCD and view high-end 3D graphics and games. The panel is a high-contrast 11.3" panel. It's only about 1/4 of an inch thick 10" wide and 7.5" tall. On its side, it will fit any standard DIN opening, which makes it perfect for a custom navigation or car pc display. Also perfect for kiosk diplays or custom diplay installations almost anywhere b/c of it's size. The digital cable removes the possibility of noise on the video cable from noisy environments like cars. Kit includes LCD panel, built-in speaker, fluorescent bulb inverter, digital wire harness, and VGA adapter card. Operates on 12-volts.

    Here's a pic
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    Can you give us more info on the screen?
    Is it TFT or Dual scan?
    How bright is it?

    Looks like a cool setup!
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      This guy from MN??

      Looks like a local number to me? Is he from MN



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        Hi all,

        I was bidding on this item, then lost to someone else. I emailed the company and they told me they have more of these setups. But before i purchased it i found someone else who had a setup with a touchscreen kit and purchased it. If you want more detalied spec email them @ [email protected] or give them a call to the number in my previous post. They do respond rather quickly and i think they would be willing to lower their price if you set up a group buy.

        Here is the item on ebay(i lost)

        Good Luck All
        :p "Which ones the any key?" Homer Simpson


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          I have a 8.4" Touch screen now, and a,m building an enclosure for it.

          If he sold them for 300 with touch screen I would think of it.