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4x40 char LCD EL backlight & inverter. sell or trade...

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  • 4x40 char LCD EL backlight & inverter. sell or trade...

    I have a basically new 4x40 LCD with EL backlight to sell or trade.
    The only thing I have done to the LCD is unsolder the connector it originally came with (a weird one that had no use at all), so now all soldering is done straight onto the pins.
    Also comes with 3 different backlight inverters to get the brightness you desire and all circuitry needed to get -2.5V to drive the LCD. Also comes with a Parallel port (one that plugs into the motherboard, not a PCI card) that has been modified for use with the LCD.

    Im looking at either selling to the highest bidder or am willing to trade for another 4x40 LCD, with all connectors ready for use (just needs to be plugged in).

    The reason I am wanting to get rid of mine is that I am not electronically minded enough to be able to get this EL backlight to work. Way beyond me.

    Maybe this is one for Arby, wanna trade?
    Jarrod - Holden VX S!

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    Any idea of the price your expecting??
    where abouts did you buy it from also? Plans and progress on my install - (Updated 28 June 02)
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      Im expecting about $50 US, or around that mark, including everything.

      It was purchased from Rockby Electronics when they had them in stock, which Im pretty sure they are all out.

      Im probably more interested in a trade for a working 4x40 LCD, by working I mean ready to use, unlike mine which needs to be wired up. Inverted screen preferably.

      Any more questions?
      Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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        If I have an extra lcd (though I probably won't), I'd be willing to trade...

        but mostly I'd like one of those inverters. You said you had more than one...

        Is it possible to buy one off of you for $10 or something?


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          I'd rather swap you for an inverted LCD ready to use, mainly coz the inverters were free samples and I'd rather not profit from selling them. I will reply later on today coz I have to get moving now, university starts in about 10 mins and I still gotta drive there!
          Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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            finally back....

            just got back from todays uni lectures, yay how fun they were, not.

            Considering that the inverters were free samples I got, I'd rather not sell them seperately, so is there any way you can get hold of a 4x40 LCD and invert it for me, then hook it up to a parallel port connector and swap me for the whole bunch of items listed above? The reason being I really can't afford to fork out money for another LCD so I'd rather swap mine. I'm sure you'd have fun experimenting with an EL backlight.

            The other option would be for me to send you all my stuff, then get you to hook it all up and get it working for me, then you can keep the unused inverters for your troubles and send me the working LCD. Sounds pretty fair to me, considering it would probably not take you very long to hook it up with your experience with 4x40 LCD's. I would, ofcourse, pay for all postage required to get the stuff there and back if necessary.

            Hope we can work something out as this is my first attempt at an mp3car system and so far it's been pretty daunting.

            Hope to hear from you soon.
            Jarrod - Holden VX S!


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              That's cool. I can do that. It only takes me a half-hour to wire those things up now

              I'll PM you with stuff.