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fs: ibm thinkpad t-30 w/ media center

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  • fs: ibm thinkpad t-30 w/ media center

    So I bought this laptop thinking it would be a sweet carputer but have decided against it due to financial difficulties.

    This is a IBM Think Pad T-30
    Thee is some minor wear and tear but works perfect. It was sitting in my buddies closet but I did have it cleaned at bestbuy. The best part about this laptop is that it has a legit version of windows media center loaded on it.
    It isnt the basic model which sells on ebay for 5-600. this is a upgraded version with a wireless adapter, bluetooth, and extra ram.

    I will include, laptop, carrying case, screen cleaner, and any other misc things the buyer might want. anything the buyer wants I can get for them such as the wireless keyboard and remote for the media center but thats extra.

    Like I said this is a sweet *** unit since its near impossible to find a laptop with a legit version of windows media center.

    Retails at 1800 with everything i listed.

    The specs are
    listed if you go to google and type in IBM thinkpad T-30

    I cant think of a reasonable price but I did pay 650 for it. Thats not including the laptop carrier. If interetsed IM or PM me and we can work out fine details and anything else.

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    Bump for someone interested


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        I'm in the market for a T30, but not with mediacenter, the extra stuff, etc. - I'm looking for one in the $250-$300 price range.
        My install log
        My "selling entire system" thread


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          Please dont bump your own thread. Its in the rules
          Take my advice: Do not try to build a system that includes EVERY feature. Start with the basics, build it to a bug free state, and THEN add on.


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            So what's the story, we were discussing a possible trade, you told me you'd sold it locally, you then bump your thread to try and sell it and now will not respond to my PM? Odd.


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              maybe if you werent qo quick to low ball ukchris and checked my last login date i told you it was sold locally after i had bumped it. The sale feel through so i still have it. maybe if i was online more than I would visit. Since i am busy I dont have time. I just new checked my pm since i just now got the chance. I can do 450 + shipping to let me know. If you giuys spit some stuff at me about ebay this and that than take it to ebay. They are selling refurbished ones with 1/2 hdd and 1/2 ram of mine. w/o media center. Media center is just somehting i like and already loaded. so the buyer gets to reap from it.


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                That's fine, trade offers are just that, it's your choice to accept or decline, I have no issue with that. My concern was that I logged on in the morning and had an IM from you saying it was sold, that was timed at "04-20-2006, 03:10 AM", as I browsed the board your thread popped up with the bump several hours after that. Just seemed confusing that's all

                If you decide you're interested in working on the trade details a little more buzz me on AIM, if not then all the best, I hope you get the deal you're looking for.



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                  So what are the specs if they aren't the regular base model?
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                    specs are 512 ram instead of 256
                    60 g hdd instead of 40
                    windows media center (perfect for Carputer)