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  • Selling my setup

    I have a need to sell my carputer....and my home gaming rig.

    So anyways heres what I have.

    Motherboard came from an aopen xcube:
    Stats here
    I have a p4 2.8 on it running 1gig of memory and a 80gig hard drive The case has been scraped, however the original vacum tube display is still there attached with a lengthened cable. Also have the remote.....The motherboard will dual boot into its own "os" in under 5 seconds to allow playing of mp3's movies or tv

    A 8" lill:
    This one

    A delorme lt20 gps reciever

    A Creative labs Live! 24-bit External:
    As show here

    Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0
    This one...with the "night vision" color

    And a slim slot load notebook dvd rw drive:
    Originally purchased from here

    EDIT: I forgot....also includes a XM direct reciever and cable (already hacked and working)
    A four port powered USB 2.0 hub (don't remember the brand but it is smaller then a credit card and barley thicker then the usb slot itself

    will also include the 800w inverter and the diode isolator (batteries are to much of a pain to ship)

    will come with all the cables I have including usb extender cables wiring for the powered windshield mount tv antenna (was never installed so the original adhesive foam is still there.

    Setup has only been in use for about 2 months.

    Everything is in excellent condition.

    I really do not want to seperate this stuff out.

    $750obo for all of it shipped anywhere in the 48 states

    My home gaming rig is:

    3.2 gig p4
    865G Neo2-LS motherboard Here
    2gigs DDR 400
    1 100 gig sata drive
    3 IBM Ultrastar 36.7GB 10K Model DDYS-T36950 scsi drives
    1 slot load pioneer dvd drive
    1 DVD dual layer 16x rw drive
    1 BFG Geforce 6800 GT OC This one
    1 Thermaltake pure power 480w (black) This one
    1 Adaptec 29160 ultra scsi 160 card From the adaptec website This and the 3 drives are true work horses
    Case is this one
    IBM keyboard...nothing special.
    Mouse is the same model and color as the one from above in my car

    Looking for $850 for this....shipping will be extra as it is heavy and I have no clue how much it is going to cost.

    Again I do not want to seperate this system into components


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    no slot load drives, at least not that the pic showed. If you take a pic of what the slot load you're selling we may agree on price.


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      Third picture down the page:

      and fifth

      I would take pictures, unfortunatley I have already sold my camera.

      Heres the deal wife and I split a few months ago and my life is currently kind of up in the air, so for now all the toys must go. My legal fees are starting to pile up and I still have a mortage and car payment to make also.


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        i'd be interested in the 2 GB of ram you have, if it's 2x1GB, and you decide to part the rig...


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          it is 2x1 but I would like to try and sell it complete first


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            Don't be afraid to shoot me some offers....I would much rather sell the toys then lose my house/car


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              Sent you a PM.


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                Originally posted by FredTT
                Sent you a PM.
                PM back at ya


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                  CarPC Sold! :-)


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                    you owe me a CD still


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                      Originally posted by vile10
                      you owe me a CD still
                      AMD XP 2600+/512MB RAM/120GB hard drive
                      Opus 150W/DVD/GPS/7" Lilliput TS/802.11g/Bluetooth

                      -GPSSecure- - GPS Tracking
                      -AltTabber2.2.2- - Handy touchscreen utility.


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                        He means me.....

                        I wish you had PM'd me and let me know....I had no idea it didn't go out, and with my divorce starting right at that time I am not surprised it got missed.

                        Send me another PM with your addy and I will make sure it goes out tomorrow.

                        I do totaly apologize I had trusted it got mailed out.


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                          Well it looks as though the computer is sold which means I did seperate the lot.......I thought the screen was also sold....but that fell

                          I still have a 3 mnth old screen 809GL-80NP

                          The only diffrence from new is that I removed the lilli logo from the bottom left corner, I think it is still kicking around in my center console but I am not positive.....I do have the original box, foam padding, manuals etc....remote is still in its plastic baggie.

                          $200 +10 shipping OBO


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                            deadbeat seller.... have contacted him, and called the phone number provided which turns out to be false. have had no answer and do not have product.... also rec a message from Fredtt stating he can not get ahold of jeremy and has not rec the computer as well...


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                              Yup. Called the number and left a message. No product yet. He seemed like a legit guy. I have already filed with PayPal.