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Slot load, usb sound, fm/tv tuner, wifi, laptop and more

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  • Slot load, usb sound, fm/tv tuner, wifi, laptop and more

    I have a slot load dvd+- RW cd-rw usb 2.0 drive. Runs off of usb only or you can feed it power from another usb port or ps2 port. Case is slightly scratched, but overall its in great shape. Used 2 or 3 times. Doesn't skip when shaking or tapping so it would be great in a car. I can't find the burn speeds right now, but I will find them later and post them as soon as I can. But it is dual format plus or minus dvd burner, dvd player, cd burner cd rw burner and player. It is a slot load as well. I believe the drive is a panasonic something. Its mounted in a usb 2.0 case. $140 would take this rig and all cables.

    Creative Soundblaster mp3+ usb - make offer

    Hauppauge wintv usb fm - make offer

    pcmcia iogear 2 port usb 2.0 2 port IEEE 1394 or firewire card. - make offer

    I'm also selling a compaq armada m700 with docking station, dvd, 20 gig, 512mb, 850 p3 14.1 tft active matrix, floppy. Wifi, usb 2.0, good battery, dc to dc inverter, Fully loaded... 500 gets the computer, dock and accessories. (will not part the machine out... so please don't ask)

    Also have 16 foot vga extension. - again, make offer...

    basically everything you would need minus the screen... which I have, but its kinda modified.

    alot of this stuff I could go either way on selling or using for something else... thats my excuse for coping out on prices

    Everything is in like new condition. Feel free to email or ask questions. I can get pictures of my actual piece if you need them.

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    sorry but you can get it for cheaper new......

    and post prices its the rules!!!


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      5 shipped for everything!


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        Originally posted by CJ8501
        sorry but you can get it for cheaper new......

        and post prices its the rules!!!
        Sorry, hadn't seen that. Mine cost more then that by far when I bought it a while back. It has the same drive as selling for 145 in the store so I thought it not crime to sell it for 140 with a free usb enclosure thrown in. Man, everybody just loves to tare people apart... Whats the point of the $5 offer. I'm not trying to be a jerk or anything. I wasn't aware of the prices requirement. I have read so many different forum's rules I loose track. A simple reminder works.

        The sound card is like 40 new so 20 in like new condition.

        Hauppauge is 100 new on their website... I'll sell it again like new for 45.

        Iogear 25. It actually has a small crack in the bottom corner... my freaking cat knocked it over. It still works great but plastic is cracked.


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          by the way, I think I still have original packaging for the sound card and the hauppauge... the iogear I don't think I have.


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            Can you be specific on the tv tuner model number? There are many variations of the product.
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              :-) i ws just pullin ur leg bro :-)


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                Originally posted by xdjxklusivex
                :-) i ws just pullin ur leg bro :-)
                Oh, I'm sorry. I had a really crappy night last night. There was like three people giving me static for seemingly no reason and I kinda lost my patience. This on top of... I don't really want to sell my car pc so this is a tough situation anyways.

                As for the tv/radio tuner. I think thats all there is. Its a wintv usb fm. that link... is exactly the unit I have.

                oh, and I forgot to address the issue of the dvd drive. I'll sell it for $90 in light of a similar buy for 109. Mine was much more and is different then that, but whatever.

                I'll take offers on this stuff as well unless the offer is 5 bucks shipped. I won't do that.



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                  I call dibs on the USB TV/FM Tuner hard. Let me know how much it's gonna cost.
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                    45 is what I'm asking. To texas its probably 5 - 10 bucks for shipping.


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                      gah....if he doesn't get it, i'l do more tha call dibs on it Send me your paypal addy.
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                        I got next after next .... is this tunner big or what


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                          its about 5 x 3 for size. I'll see if bio responds if not its genesis's for 45 plus shipping.


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                            another thought as well. my screen is modified, but there are parts of it that could be sold if people need parts. Its an 8.4 lilliput. I have back case, speaker, motherboard, ccfl (cables lengthened) touch screen, buttons, stand and the lcd itself, but it has a slight scratch on the back. I don't think it showed through but I would have to test it to be certain.

                            I know I'm supposed to post prices for all this. I WILL, but I'm waiting for a response to an email first then I will come back and post them. In the mean time people could place dibs or email me for more info.